Bnet just screwed me


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Bnet just screwed me

I was creating a delirium helm and did the 5 minute game wait and bnet booted me. It's in game koc4/4 on useast if you can get there before it closes. This totally sucks, anyways if you get it msg me *KoC-Stuman.

I lost lots of cool stuff because of that crap.. I urge everyone not to use that method, I recommend using a third party program for loading the game... Create this batch file:
start diabloii.exe -multiclient
- Starting d2 using these two steps will enable you to load several versions of d2 from the same computer. I will not, in this forum, however, tell you what the name of this third party program is.


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The Wait 5 Minutes trick don't work anymore.. Screw you blizz for taking away selfmuling! :rant:


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What if Bnet checks games every 5 minutes and if there's nobody in the game at that moment, the game will be trashed? And if check happens during the time changing mules...


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The 5 minute trick does work, your problem is that u changed char way to quickly.

This is how i do it, i muled all the items for a cta yesterday and this involved 6 mules unfortuately and i didnt have a problem.

Idle in a game for 5 minutes with normal char.
Get mule to test that game stays open.
Stay in game for a minute
Drop item
Get next char.
Repeat as needed

This way is pretty safe and should not get u kicked off at all, but i still dont recomend it as CI is still a possibility, so friends are always the safest.