Bnet Item/MF Thread


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Bnet Item/MF Thread

Looking at the SPF's item find thread excites me. It started to get me thinking about what other people, even people on Bnet, are finding. This thread isn't for bragging about what a fantastic trade you made, but to tell people about what exciting things you are self-finding (magical, uniques, rares, socketables, runes). Not all of us have luck, but for those who do, why not share your story?

You can share as little or as much detail as you want. A few options would be...

Character name/class/build
Purpose for character (MF, duel, ubers, rusher)
Amount of MF (Was it only a matter of time, or sheer luck?)
Where you found the item

I'll start. Today I have been doing lots of runs to vary up the gameplay, but the pits were giving me nothing. Nightfish's guide on the WSK runner inspired me to run that area, thinking of baal as just icing on the cake. So I ran it a couple times with my hammerdin "musicbox", and found two exciting things.

Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Required Level: 67
+2 To Sorceress Skill Levels
Lightning Resist +33%
Adds 3-32 Lightning Damage
+42 To Mana
+50 To Life

Natalya's Mark
+200% Enhanced Damage
+200% Damage To Undead
+200% Damage To Demons
Adds 12-17 Fire Damage
Ignores Target's Defense
40% Increased Attack Speed
+50 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Duration (Normal)

Pretty sweet finds, not too expensive but I was content to be able to find them myself. Never thought I would. I have about 250 mf and my hammerdin is purely used for area mfing, so like, it's about time!

Find anything exciting lately? Tell the diablo 2 community already!

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I'd much rather have all the bragging consolidated in one thread than have 10 "zomg i found teh windfocre" threads going on the front page at the same time. :wink: