Bnet is dead to me...long live single player!

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Bnet is dead to me...long live single player!

I've pretty much came up with one decisive conclusion today...I quit Bnet. Yup, it's over between us. Grab your stuff, get out of my house, and take your ugly cats Ladder and Non ladder with you.

It all started a little over a month ago. I was an avid Bnet player, had several high level chars, and would of considered myself "Rich". Although occasionaly, a friend and I would retreat to the real diablo world, and play on bnet, but like single player. Well...stuff happened, his wife left him, then came back, and everything seemed really confusing and after weeks of never seeing him on...I stumbled on to single player one night, just like I had stumbled on to the spf and the rest is history.

I love everyone here. We're not just another forum, but a family I know how stupid and Dr.Phil like that was, but I felt like saying it. I love single player now and I don't think I'll ever quit or go back to bnet. I just felt like telling everyone and that I hope everything in the future here at the spf works out for the best.

Long live the single player forum!



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Nevermind man, I love this forum too, I actually managed to solve all my petty problems in a matter of hours due to their help, so thank you, with special ones for Spearthrower, Hrus, Crazy_Bear, the shin kickers and just about everyone that helped and made me feel welcomed here :girly: .

Me likey everyone here too, so lets see whatcha gonna do to me a Diablo here, bleed on us:scratch: ?

Long live the singe player forum!

*brings out a big chocolate cake to share*


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After about a month of playing bnet I know why they created the ubers for this group only. Why else would you play bnet? There is nothing, bar the ubers, that you cannot experience playing SP. With ATMA, all praise Doc, /playersX, and private MP, bnet really offers you nothing.

*goes back to plowing through NM on /players1*


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Wellcome good to see you have restrained your self from the darkside (Bnet). I did the swap as well along time back. When i first played Diablo 2 LoD was on Bnet which i played with my mate from school. But after some idiot people stole my account i decided to quite diablo 2. After a year later i decided to come back and play SP which i have not regreted since.


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This place has always been special.... must be some kind of magic in the coding?

Another convert to the Light.... although sorry to hear about your friend.


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The thing that most annoys me about Bnet is how taking a town portal or switching acts will frequently boot me out of the game.

My network connection can handle over 100x the loads that Bnet imposes too. It is certainly not a bandwidth problem (at least, not at my end).


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Yes, donutz welcome to the SPF where everybody knows your avatar. Where people use the search function. :rolleyes: And where Enigma's and BotD don't clutter up the game play.:grin:

rickcarson said:
The thing that most annoys me about Bnet is how taking a town portal or switching acts will frequently boot me out of the game.
Could we keep the c/i r/d whining to the Community Forum, where it is easy to skip? KK mm tyvm.:tongue:


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Agree with the OP completely. There is no reason for me to deal with Bnet issues as well.

I "can" hook up with other SP's if I need/want, I have ATMA & Flaive to help me keep track of my collections. The SPF here is great and very helpfull.
I'll never loose my characters again "if" I decide to take a break...

Very glad I found my way here as well.

Good hunting everyone :)