Blur? Or the supernatural?


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Blur? Or the supernatural?

Ok heres the deal, we were at Estapalooza ( huge estonian like party , hundreds of people camped out on in this huge field partying for a weekend). Anways a bunch of us ( bout 10 ) go up the thursday night when there was no one reallt up there to get a head start on the drinkin and relax. Well we go down to the sauna chill for a bit and Bree ( the picture of the girl your about to see ) and steph go to the bathroom to chill and they took a picture. Now at first when you look at this picture you wlil dismiss it, but look closely, look at the details and tell me what you think. It most likely is a blur but its a damn weird one.
Beside bree you can see the outline of a girl with her arm DOWN and a gown type piece of clothing on. They were the only 2 people in the sauna, and steph was wearing her bathing suit.



It's a blur. The blurred area matches up with the swimsuit.

But if you want, e-mail it to George Norey or Art Bell and see what they think.


All your photo albums are belong to us. What's the name of the cute on in the middle? :D

Wait, even better, what's that bong-like object?
Its a reflection of her suit and towel. Nothing more. The black above the white blob(the towel) is the shoulder strap and boob area.