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Hi all, I remember a long time ago, when playing the game, in Act V I believe when you stood idle for too long, a blue spirit/ghost like creature appeared to attack a player once. Apparition was not attackable, just vanished after one hit. I do not have a Diablo 2 anymore, could anyone do me a huge favor and perhaps record that for me and upload as a small .gif?

Thank you very much in advance.


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You probably mean evil forces. They are hidden in 6 spots (I think) in the Durance of Hate level 3 in act 3. Once you have killed mephisto and pass near their spots they appear and try to hit you once.
Here is an example (not my video), go to almost the very end: 1:24:17 (embedding starting time doesn't seem to work here):
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The act 3 Durance of Hate ones attack once if you get too close to them, regardless of having killed Mephisto or not. I'm not able to record them as a .gif, but there might be one out there already.

Other than that, if standing in the Worldstone Keep in Act 5, without moving enough, Baal can summon an attack with a poison cloud or lightning.

Also, in Act 4, I recall some spots where lava errupts from the ground, and this can actually hurt your character. I don't know what it displays as if your character dies by this though... :)