blood moon guild

blood moon guild

hey everyone i would like to welcome you all to the bloodmoon guild its for diablo II players to come to gether make new freinds and enjoy playing against eachothers we are probably only guild with a spam forum and a place for in game trades.

discuss diffrent classes on our class boards and well will soon include polls for certain things and send it to blizzard!!!!!!!

so plz come and be part of the futur guild of diablo II

we are a new guild so only member on it is me my freind witch is creator and her friend.

unfortunatly thats only 3 members so plz join use and fight on our side and enjoy the live chat and the play list.

there is a place in our site where you can sugest songs for the playlist.

we will soon make a graphics place to show off your artistic talents.

if you have any segetions for the site let me know thru pm on here or the site.

plz come to

thanks to our freindly moderators for allowing this.