Blood-belt Formula?


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Blood-belt Formula?

Hi folks. It's been a while and a half since I posted here, and I'm afraid I'm back with another question.
I set out to make myself a blood-belt. I used the formula in the Brady Strategy Guide, to wit, a magic belt, a Nef rune, a ruby, and a jewel, and...nothing happened.
Am I missing something? Or is Brady wrong? In the latter case, might anybody be able to help me with the correct formula, or at least point me to where it might be found.
I'd appreciate any help anybody might be able to give me.
Thanks, once again, for everybody's good nature, and the help I've gotten on these fora in the past.
If somebody could possibly e-mail me with the answer to my embarrassing question (embarrassing because I know that I should already know the answer), I'd be grateful. I'm at [email protected]


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Re: Blood-belt Formula?

Sup. According to here it uses a Tal.

Blood Belt:
Magical Belt
or Mesh Belt (Excep)
or Mithril Coil (Elite)
+ Jewel (any)
+ Tal Rune (#7)
+ Perfect Ruby

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Re: Blood-belt Formula?

I always check the Arreat Summit. :thumbup: Actually, I have the PDF's made by Britton Robbins. You'll have to google for it as Blizzard took down their links to his page so it probably isn't safe for me to link to it here. Well worth the download, in my opinion.