Blocking problems


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Blocking problems

My hammerdin is level 82 and I have blocking problems with my Gilded Spirit (43 base res, still have to reroll for 35% fcr)... I don't know if my calculations are wrong, but they suggested that I'd need 170+ dex at lvl 90 for maxed block :shocked:

I've already dumped a few points in dex (maybe 50, or a bit less)... And I'd like to stick with Spirit. So I can:

- Stick with this Gilded and dex all the way (don't have anni + torch yet... maybe a raven?)
- Try finding a Sacred Targe with 40+ resists and make Spirit in that; don't reroll this one anymore for the moment and save the stat points
- Put all future stats into vita and consider those dex points spent as wasted (or luxury points to use wiz when I want)

What would you suggest?


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Re: Blocking problems

I did.

Here's the formula I used:

Total Blocking = (Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)

I putted 75% as Total Blocking, 86% as Blocking (Gilded + Holy shield), 90 as character level.

75% = 86% * (Dex - 15) / 180
13500% = 86% * (Dex - 15)
157 = Dex - 15
Dex = 172