Blocking annoying persons


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Blocking annoying persons

I have this annoying person in my friends list. He started out as a cool person, but now he is not anymore; always asking for me to rush him and he even bought twenty Ist from a website. Soooo, he annoys me to no end and I want to cut all contact with this guy.

I figured that if I would just remove him from my friends list, he could still contact me. Is there any way to block this person?

If there isn't, then I hope there'll be a ladder reset soon, so I can use it as an excuse to "quit Diablo" and move on to another account.


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As far as I know there isn't a permenant ignore list. That said you'd have to set the ignore command (/ignore 'username') each time you enter, and then this individual could not contact you.

Note: I think that's the correct command but I could be wrong since I haven't played Bnet for a while now.


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Well instead of running away from the problem all the time, you might as well tell him to STFU.

1. It's faster.
2. More effective.
3. The other guy will know what's happening.


You can also do this:

1. Just don't look at what this guy said . ignore them as a whole , he will bored and quit to do this.
2. Keep this guy in you friend list. Once you see this guy logon to bnet. type /dnd command and put something like " I am perm my char" " I am AFK" or just ignore this guy by /ignore or some similar command.

or sample say just think this guy not exist in the BNET :badteeth: and you can even do this for fun. msg this guy the following message
" Stfu you stupid bot. Don't bother me" :badteeth:


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Lol, yeah. Those are good tips. :cool:

So far, I did the "AFK" thing, but then I can't leave/join games. Guess I have to take it a step further. :grin:


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Why don't you simply ask him politely to remove you from his fList ?

It's been happening several times to me, when helping random b.netters for rushes/quests, or giving items in public games, that they add me in their friends list, and then spam me by using /f m... (by the way, that's the reason why I don't help anyone anymore randomly on, and I don't give anything free in public games, that's a shame but I don't have any choice).

Maybe it won't work, and he will refuse, but at least it's a logical start to solve your problem :grin: !


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Oh yeah, ask him for an ist for the rush you are doing him. That or just squelch him or the DND CMD.