Blizzcon 2016 Dates Announced



The date for Blizzcon 2016 has been announced as Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November. This event will also celebrate Blizzard's 25th year of making video games so expect something in the schedule to mark the great occasion.

“With more live games and upcoming content than ever before, 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Blizzard gamers,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We can’t wait to celebrate our 25-year anniversary with everyone during an epic weekend of gaming, esports, and great company at our 10th BlizzCon.”

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 20th and Saturday 23rd April and despite the $199.00+ ticket price they'll go like hotcakes so keep prep your digits for some refreshing.

Virtual tickets will also be available and details of those will be released at a later date.

Check out the official site for further information.

Any DiabloII.Net bods going or considering getting the virtual ticket?
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Well, judging by their recent patches (Kanai's Cube, Ruins of Sescheron etc), they ditched D3X2 development because the game's meta is considered "dead". They moved on to D4 as action-MMO with much more depth, TBA at Blizzcon 2016, maybe even earlier at gamescom in August with a preview trailer.

In the meantime we get all they had ready for D3X2 (and more) in slices. I'm pretty sure there is no D3X2 announcement, but another big one: We get a new D3 class (like the Druid) for free some time this year.


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Proper link: http://itsnobbie.************/2015/07/diablo-3-dark-prophet-leaked-expansion.html (yes, line break still didn't work for blog comments)


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Yeah, Diablo 4 announcement seems like a pretty big stretch. Usually when you hear things like "Diablo fans are going to lose their s**t!", it means they're introducing a new tile set for the rifts, or Hagafanamil the Druid is being added as a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.


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I want to add that the Gamer Professionals magazine recently made a tour through Blizzards HQ in Irvine (on January 30, 2016), and they were not allowed to see the Diablo area because "the next patch is in the works". The features of 2.4 were known at that time, and 2.4.1 for sure is not "top secret", so I assume that 2.5 is in the development already. 2.5 is a typical major content update number (before expansion-size content is released), and assuming that Blizzards gives us the (ex-)D3X2 content indeed for free, this 2.5 patch *could* include a brand-new class. It just feels right at this point to keep people playing the game for another 1-2 years before D4 becomes a reality. Here is the source:


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So, the question is does anyone even care? I'm not sure Blizzard could make a game that comes even close to D1 or D2 again, even if they make everyone 'lose their shit' by announcing they're bringing back Brevik and Blizz north to put it together. ActiBlizz is a different animal, of which I now have 0 faith in. What made Blizz games so enjoyable to me in the past was the endless replayability and the addictive campaigns and endless player customizations their games offered. ActiBlizz wants you playing their games how they see fit, can't make a decent campaign to save their lives and would rather bite down on cyanide capsules than allow for true untethered player customization these days. My prediction: D3x2 will make D3 even more of a mess, and/or D4 will be more of a stink bomb than D3 was... Is there anything that would make me lose my shit over Diablo again? Yeah, the announcement that they're making an offline mode for D3 that isn't for the Xbox or PS.



With the D3 team continuing to shrink and most of the diablo job ops for senior art guys, it seems like D4 is still in very early stages. Wouldn't expect announcement for a couple of years at least.