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Blizzball or Blizz

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by XfallingIceX, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. XfallingIceX

    XfallingIceX IncGamers Member

    Apr 19, 2008
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    Blizzball or Blizz

    Ok, i am looking to make a sorc because i am really poor and need items for my other characters.

    I have been reading and looking up different build and decided i wanted to make either a blizzball or a blizzard sorce.

    what one would be better for MF & Keys, and If you say blizzball can u post a build because i have not idea how to make one.


    :EDIT: and i was reading something on meph if u kill it in the quest u wont get extra "bonus or quest itemS" whats that exactly mean btw i don't get it.
    Also on meteorb is ur main skill the fireball, because meteor has a big delay and could let monsters get to you.
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  2. zerth

    zerth IncGamers Member

    Jul 3, 2006
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    Re: Blizzball or Blizz

    Standard blizzard is a nice starter char for bnet where you can count on hosted baal runs for leveling. I mean that the char will eventually become obsolete as you will gather wealth and equipment and you will move to other builds that can handle more interesting areas such as WSK/Baal and CS/Diablo.
    Blizzballer is a certainly a more versatile char and has the advantage of handling baal runs better than pure blizz. You will have a harder time of mfing meph (ie it will be more time consuming, but other than that it's a better choice overall). My idea of the blizzballer skill allocation is to have a strong bliz and a reasonable fireball that can help your merc finish off cold immunes:
    - 1 Teleport, 1 Telekinisis, 1 Static Field (all three asap)
    - 1 Warmth (asap), 1 Firebolt, 20 Fireball, 5 Fire Mastery
    - 20 Ice Bolt, 20 Ice Blast, 1 Glacial Spike, 1 Frost Nova, 20 Blizzard, 5 Cold Mastery
    These are 97 skill points, which you will have at clvl 86. First complete the cold tree skill allocation and then move on to the fire tree (imo anyway). Remaining points can go to Firebolt / Cold Mastery / Fire Mastery (depends on +skills really, usually you will get enough +skills equipment so that Firebolt is the best investment).

    Others would prefer a more balanced skill allocation, but I like Blizz ownage :)

    Regarding the quest thing. If you kill a boss without having completed the corresponding quest you get a special drop (better chance for good items). There is a way to bug Andariel so that every time you kill her you will get that drop. You will just have to talk to Warriv after killing her the first time, that simple.

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