Blizzball /Meteard sorc?


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Blizzball /Meteard sorc?

Basicaly blizz and fireball or blizz and meteor any one try, why does everone chose orb over blizz anyway in conjuction with fireball and meteor

assuming lvl 29 blizz orb with 20 in ice bolt synergy
blizz 2100
orb 548


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Did you check the guides? There's a blizzball guide around somewhere. And most people choose Orb because it's more skill point efficient and allows more points to power up Fireball.


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RetroStar said:
Blizz + Meteor won't work as they are both timered.
same as orb meteor, but people would prolly use fireball with both these builds in between meteors/blizzards/orbs


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People prefer Orb over Blizzard to go with their Meteor/Fireball sorc because with few skillpoints (as a dual tree sorc has) Orb is a lot more effective than Blizzard.