Blizzard Vs Frozen Orb


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Blizzard Vs Frozen Orb

Hey guys,
This is my first time playing, and I'm using a cold sorceress. When I started, my plan was to max blizzard and complement it with meteor or firewall. However, I've made to level 35, and it seems like frozen orb is much more powerful. Whenever I cast blizzard it seems like most of the monsters either walk through it unharmed or take small amounts of damage; in either case, if they are slowed, it’s not for very long. Contrast that with orb, where it's like everyone on the screen is either slowed or dead. I know that the damage is smaller with orb, but it just seems like it always hits everything, and it’s much easier to aim and control, plus the casting delay is almost half that of blizzard. It's just surprising to me how useless blizzard seems in comparison. Is there something I'm missing? Any thoughts or comments?


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For you to make blizzard useful you have to max out its synergy, and then it will be really good, much better than orb. On the other hand orb is more useful in nm and u dont need to max any synergy to make it useful. But a blizzard with maxed out synergy does ALOT more good than a frozen orb. Hope im making sense here imr eally tired =/


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I understand what you're saying, and I agree. My question (which I realize now I never came out and asked, was) is there an advantage to blizzard besides its damage? Like is there a monster or an area in nm or hell where blizzard really shines? Right now, it seems orb is more effective and more economical both in mana and skill points. The only area where blizzard seems to be better, is in total damage and damage per mana. However, to get the aforementioned benefits, one must spend quite a substantial investment in synergies. Is it worth that kind of investment? Thanks for your thoughts and time.


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I'll just narrate my exp since I am not exactly a sorc specialist.I had a tal's set & intended to build a blizzard/fb sorc,was working on blizzard,maxed two synargies & doing around 4 k blizzard,I enter hell then wham...get my ass handed to me.Monsters are far too fast & especially small ones like carvers walk right through it,though anything the shards touch falls instantly but most of them miss & the casting delay is far too long & backup wasnt powerful as skillpoints were used in synergies of blizzard I had nothing to rely on during the delay.So I decided I have had enough.She is now a high level mule.

Enter;orb/fireball;Its ownage in nightmare & yes ownage in hell(takes a bit extra time to kill 17k life FE critters) :uhhuh: ..but hey it gets the job done.You have to hit them squarely with the orb to deal massive dmg but with orb you always feel more control,safety & you'll observe you kill more with orb.Not to mention that orb is great for helping your low level friends,for tombin,rushing etc.



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I haven't tried Blizzard yet, but I think Glacial Spike would work really well with it. Totally freezing monsters in place and leave them vulnerable to death from above. Also gives you something to do in-between casting delays. Also a Holy Freeze mercenary would be very nice to slow all monsters down and give the shards from Blizzard some time to work their magic.

I also love Frozen Orb, on players 1 it does very good damage and it's so easy to use.


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i prefer orb,i like that fact that when i cast it,it goes straight out and hits everything.i have tried blizzard and i am really bad at placing it.although blizzard does work well in a crowd like baals minions.


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Dang, I thought I was the only one who prefers Orb over Blizzard in these forums. Everybody just seemed to be saying "Blizzard does more damage so it's better". I can even argue that Orb could potentially do more damage. :)

Anyway, I think Orb > Blizzard because:
- Auto Aim
- Lots of shards: great crowd control. (Try using blizzard in the Flayer Jungle.)
- No synergy required to be effective.
- Can be very powerful with maxed synergy (There are reasons why there's only 1 synergy for Orb, and it only gives 2% bonus).

Just learn to aim, more specifically, learn to cast Orb from the optimal distance from your enemy, because the nova at the end is where most of the damage comes from.



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The advantages of blizzard are:
-Better damage
-Appears instantly (it doesn't have to travel like FO)
-Increased range
-can still use with obstacles in the way
-shreds larger (and usually more dangerous) enemies to pieces

In addition, you can use the synergies to Blizzard. If you're worried about annoying little creatures, a blizzard just in front of you followed by a spamming of maxed Ice Blast will take care of them. Alternatively, you could max Glacial Spike and freeze them in place, ready for whatever fire attack you have.


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orb + tele can be a GREAT thing on some uniques/bosses

example: andy in any difficulty

andy walks towards you
cast orb at andy
tele directly behind andy (a ways away) RIGHT BEFORE the orb hits her
because andy walks just a little slower than orb, once the orb hits andy, the orb keeps doing it's massive damage to andy because it's constantly in contact with her/it
rince and repeat

do this on some other super uniques and things and it can be much more effective and easier to kill some semi-fast things with instead of blizzard.

moat trick, cows, HUGE groups it's sometimes easiest to blizzard because they are either slow, or because some huge groups in hell have so much hp, orb isn't going to damage them enough but just slow them down. blizzard in big groups like cows is much more effective because of it killing faster. Trick is tele, cast between you and monster in normal lvling.

orb is much better for norm/nightmare and some parts in hell. but once you hit hell, 90% of super uniques or bosses blizzard just does a better job because of the damage.


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yay, a Blizzard vs Orb debate!

I have no intention of debating, and just want to point out one more thing before going back to silence.

Orb enables your sorc to become a dual elementalist.


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Blizzard is effective in hell with only one maxed synergy and a heavy CM investment, so it can be dual element as well (though with only enough points to max two skills).
In my expriences, Billz is good for low lvl dueling, pft of course. The thing that really bothers me about bliz is that it so inaccurate, Your just hoping it will hit once. Orb IMO is the better overall, most league duelers uses it. The delay in bliz sucks also...I'd wish they'd take off the delay in orb casting....*sigh* the good old days..

Since now in classic, every stacks cold res orb and bliz are pretty much useless.


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Orb by itself works, blizzard needs at least one synergy, so I say tops to orb for less points needed. if you don't care about the extra points, tops to blizzard. that's my vote.


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wow, theres at least one orb v blizz post every month, the most effective way to determine which is better is simply list the pros and cons, or take a poll! lets do both. i am gonna list the both pvm and pvp pros and cons

massive damage
harder to absorb
better for taking down bosses
has a secondary support skill: gspike or iblast

requires syenergies to be fully effective, no one likes a 1k blizzard now
requires skills to use in pvp
less crowd control
doesnt chill for long

great crowd control
good damage if spammed head on
long lasting chill
very little syenergies
easy to use

pretty slow for some bosses
lower damage generaly
can be easily absorbed in pvp
no support skill
a spamming skill with a cool down, ewwwwww!

And i personally perfer blizzard, just for the heck of it, blizzard imo is much stronger then orb,

feel free to add to the pro/con board and lets vote!

blizzard: 1
orb: 0

happy debating!

edit: after reading the earlier posts, i am quite saddened, people you have obviously never met a good blizzard sorcs, a trained blizz sorcs is one of the strongest duelers out there, very few orb sorcs beat my blizz, only a few good es ones, i'd be happy to duel any orb sorcs out there to have some results on this topic

*yuqing-ii / Us east/ softcore/ ladder



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Blizzard is harder to absorb because the damage is massive. So there should only be 3 'pros' for blizzard.

Orb is easier to absorb because the damage is low. So there should only be 4 'cons' for orb.

Cons and Pros should be totally objective and hence things like "easy to use" or "a spamming skill with a cool down, ewwwwww!" shouldn't even be in there! :)

Personal preferences should be reflected on the vote.
I vote for Orb.

Blizzard: 1
Orb: 1


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i use Forb the most :thumbsup:
then fireball (which is great at 7k.... i have no idea how that guy got his up to 14k :rolleyes: in the other thread )
and meteor for carpetbombing effect :thumbsup:

Forb is great for slowing down hordes...and then hitting them with meteor or Fball

vote is for forb