Blizzard teams up with Random House for new novels

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The last few years they've only put out one Diablo novel per game release, so I doubt we'll hear anything Diablo until after another expansion gets announced.

I'd like to see a follow up the the Morbed e-book. It very much felt like an origin story, setting things up for a pay-off that hasn't happened yet. While I've enjoyed the novels so far, I'd probably be more interested in some more short story anthologies. I'm also curious what the next Book Of NPC will be.


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I know he gets ripped alot but I really enjoy Knack's novels for diablo. I would be excited for one in general though. Our cycle of history is coming due for the new age of mage clan wars. That would be cool.


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Moon of the Spider is my favorite Diablo novel to date. Storm of Light is quite good as well. Definitely looking forward to more by other writers.