Blizzard Racist?


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Blizzard Racist?

I think I have just about had it with Bnet. Right now just trolling through their forums I see over 15 instances of just outright vile racism. Some of these people, I have even reported several times, yet their accounts do not seem to be affected, leaving the conclusion that they could care less. Now they do have supposedly moderators on their forums, but I have yet to see them take any action what so over. Just about every single post has at least 2-3 replies that are worthless trolling. That is bad enough, but to allow people to continuously spew derogatory remarks is just plain ridiculous. Just an example, guy asks a simple question and people reply "Thats because you are a (racist term), so STFU NOOB".

It would be one thing if they had no mods at all, but they do. So then the question is this, does Blizzard tolerate or promote racism? They sure in the hell do not do any name restrictions for accounts. When I first started playing again I thought for a bit that the entire population of Nazis and KKK had bought this game. It seemed that almost every player had some offensive and derogatory message. I think they can make the excuse that the game is old and therefore its too late to put in a name restriction, but sorry to say the forums are another matter, one with no excuses.

Sorry if this is ranting, I am just fed up with Blizzard as a company, and this is the iceing on the cake. I can only begin to fathom what Asians, Jews, Hispanics, African-Americans, etc.. must think of Blizzard. I mean if I was any of those ethnicities I would surely drop Blizzard in a second, and may consider starting a boycot. Idiots exist everywhere in the world, but for Blizzard to allow this is just unexcusable. In fact, I wouldnt mind seeing the ADL or NAACP doing a boycot of Blizzard.

Thank god for! Comment away please

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Yes, so much for the "official" site eh? I've wandered over to the B.Net forums a couple of times, and I must say, I'm sorely dissapointed in that place. Almost every thread is a giant flamewar that erupts out of pretty much nothing, and every trade thread is filled with bumps. As for Blizzard itself, it most likely doesn't promote or tolerate racism (since that would be bad for business), but the moderators on its site are not very active (at least from my point of view).


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This is like saying Blizzard supports spamming, caps lock, ASCII art, and "how can occy be eth if it's a ring?" jokes.
There's more important things to do than babysit kids on an ancient forum, or try to think up new combinations of letters that can't be allowed in names. Which is a unwinnable battle, anyway.

Also, funny that you mention the KKK, seeing as you can't make a game with three k's in a row.


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In fact, I wouldnt mind seeing the ADL or NAACP doing a boycot of Blizzard.
The way I see it they'd be doing blizzard a favor. Then blizzard could close d2 and put all their servers to wow and other games that bring them profit.



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They had better not be.

Who knows what crede and colour i am...

Have u PM'd thier mod?


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I can understand you being slightly upset at the nature of humans, but to get mad at blizzard is pointless. Boycotting would be even more pointless.

I don't think any of those ethnicities/religious people you mentioned give two damns about what's on those forums, nor should they. Because frankly, they have already learned to deal with it. Not to say that it's acceptable or right, but just that they are mature enough to not let it even phase them.


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I would say that they are incapable of switf moderating rather than racist...Battlenet forums seem to be somewhere between the and "the other forum."



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They truly could care less what happens inside their games or their forums. As long as you do not infringe on their intellectual property, it's fine with them.


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I do agree, its a major problem that this is going on, on their offical site. As I see it Blizzard owns the homepage, and are therefore accountable for what takes place there...


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I'm quite sure they're not racists, they just don't seem to care about the forums. It makes their company look bad though.

I'm happy they don't care because the Bnet forums attract all the stupid people and stays fairly reasonable.


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There's no huge problem here. Your just a product of an overly sensitive, politically correct society that views everyone other than white men victims of one thing or another so you read more into these things than necessary.


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As stated, bnet forum is just a place where you can look at and be impressed by how much stupidity is there on bnet. I would not take any of what people say there too personally. If anything, I take it as Blizzard not caring about this game (or their forums) anymore.


In my opinion, it does look bad on them to allow such things to occur on their forum. I believe it says right there in the rules(same as here) that such comments/remarks will not be tolerated. Anywho, it's not an isolated incident, it happens on a lot of gaming forums. Don't believe me? Surf around for yourself and see. Check out EA's gaming forums for instance. The Mods there act just as moronic as the people who post there. Like oh I don't know, say the C&C series. Tiberian Sun forums is a nice example of this and the reason I am not a member of any of those forums.

I'm a huge fan of that series and it sucks that I can't seem to find a mature forum to join(like our wonderful forums here). I recently joined up on one of the older Tiberian Sun(recently changed names, not affiliated with EA) forums but my time there was short. I've come to the assumption that there just aren't any mature people that play that game or any other in the series. Surely there has to be, I just haven't found them yet. :undecided: In conclusion, it's not just the forums, idiots are everywhere. :hanky:


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If they banned all the racists and morons, there'd be no more public games...

Also, funny that you mention the KKK, seeing as you can't make a game with three k's in a row.
Huh, I never knew that. Not that it stops the little ****s, I see so many games or chars called "ihate******s" or something like that. In fact I've seen the snotty-nose little bastards just spout it randomly in the middle of a game.



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...In fact I've seen the snotty-nose little bastards just spout it randomly in the middle of a game.
Yeah... what's the deal with that anyway? Nothing more annoying than doing a tomb run with some moron spouting off all the things his pally wants to do to my sorc... bloody ridiculous... but more to the point of the post. I just don't go to Bnet forums, lol. You can say ANYTHING, and you get flamed and called a noob. As for the boycott and them using all their servers for WoW, I'm sure someone would set up some sort of subscription service with their own servers and interface for D2. Wow, they might even get rid of the damn gem that everyone is positive has a gameplay function....


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Hrm...that's an interesting thought. If Blizzard were to downsize their servers do you think they would change their Gamplay Agreement to allow non-official servers? IMO it'd be a good idea. There was a thread in the PvP forum about an illegal private realm server that ran the 1.09 Patch and was soley for PvPing. It sounded like fun, but it is illegal as of right now.

I've been playing a lot of CounterStrike and Half Life 2: Death Match, and people run their own servers there. It works excellently. If you want to, you can join a serious server and play a serious game. On the other hand, there are other servers that are purely for doing weird stuff (i.e., "surfing" in CS...don't ask, I can't explain it either...). It would probably work pretty well, IMO, if they set it up the same way that Steam/Valve set up CS:S.