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Blizzard PvM sorc guide

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by lorax, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. lorax

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    Jul 11, 2004
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    Blizzard PvM sorc guide

    Blizzard sorceress build:

    This is my first really build, so I want any critic I can get before I make this sorceress myself


    1: SKILLS
    2: STATS
    3: STUFF
    5: MERC




    Warmth 1


    Telekinesis (1 - PvM, 20 - PvP)
    Teleport 1
    Energy Shield (0 - PvM, 1 - PvP)


    Frozen Armor 1 (prerequisite)
    Frost Nova 1 (prerequisite)
    Shiver Armor 1
    Ice Bolt 20
    Ice Blast 20
    Glacial spike (20 - PvM, 1 - PvP)
    Blizzard 20
    Cold Mastery 20

    ???? Why:

    Okay here it comes:

    Warmth 1 point: we need mana but 1 point is enough your gear will carry out the rest

    Telekinesis 1 point: prerequisite for Teleport

    Teleport 1 point: All sorceresses needs this skill so we can get quick around

    Frozen Armor 1 point: prerequisite for Shiver Armor

    Frost Nova 1 point: prerequisite for Blizzard

    Shiver Armor 1 point: 1 point here because we just want to freeze your opponents which is
    nice while teleporting around so when you get hit they wont kill you

    Ice Bolt 20 point: a synergy for Blizzard so more points in ice bolt means more lovely

    Ice Blast 20 points: a synergy for Blizzard and a nice spam able skill (use this for
    lonely monsters)

    Glacial Spike 20 points: synergy for Blizzard some prefer Glacial spike instead of
    Ice Blast but the dmg of Glacial Spike is very low so it really sucks

    Blizzard 20 points: YEA BABE that the killing uber attack we absolutely need 20 points

    Cold Mastery 20 points: this is very important for our damage it lowers the opponents
    resist so we do more dmg


    So why not Energy Shield?

    Well if you’re a PvM sorceress it really do suck I’d rather like much dmg but if you’re PvP id
    put 20 points in telekinesis instead of any blizzard synergy and 1 point in Energy shield

    ???? Why:

    20 points in telekinesis.. 1 points in ES what’s the point then??

    Well ES is a mana drainer but if you have 20 points in telekinesis this comes handy

    the telekinesis lowers the drain and you wont loose as much mana..

    When to place your points:

    level 1 -
    level 2 - Warmth (1)
    level 3 - ice bolt (1)
    level 4 - ice bolt (2)
    level 5 - ice bolt (3)
    den of evil - ice bolt (4)
    level 6 - ice blast (1)
    level 7 - ice blast (2)
    level 8 - ice blast (3)
    level 9 - ice blast (4)
    level 10 - ice blast (5)
    level 11 - ice blast (6)
    level 12 - shiver armor (1)
    radament - frost nova (1)
    level 13 - ice blast (7)
    level 14 - ice blast (8)
    level 15 - ice blast (9)
    level 16 - ice blast (10)
    level 17 – telekinesis (1)
    level 18 – teleport (1)
    level 19 - glacial spike (1)
    level 20 - ice blast (11)
    level 21 - ice blast (12)
    level 22 - ice blast (13)
    level 23 - ice blast (14)
    level 24 – blizzard (1)
    tyreal - ice blast (15)
    tyreal - ice blast (16)
    level 25 - ice blast (17)
    level 26 - ice blast (18)
    level 27 - ice blast (19)
    level 28 - ice blast (20)
    level 29 – blizzard (1)
    level 30 - cold mastery (1)
    level 31 – blizzard (2)
    level 32 – blizzard (3)
    level 33 – blizzard (4)
    level 34 – blizzard (5)
    level 35 – blizzard (6)
    level 36 – blizzard (7)
    level 37 – blizzard (8)
    level 38 – blizzard (9)
    level 39 – blizzard (10)
    level 40 – blizzard (11)
    level 41 – blizzard (12)
    level 42 – blizzard (13)
    level 43 – blizzard (14)
    level 44 – blizzard (15)
    level 45 – blizzard (16)
    level 46 – blizzard (17)
    level 47 – blizzard (18)
    level 48 – blizzard (19)
    level 49 – blizzard (20)
    level 50 - cold mastery (2)
    level 51 - cold mastery (3)
    level 52 - cold mastery (4)
    level 53 - cold mastery (5)
    level 54 - cold mastery (6)
    level 55 - cold mastery (7)
    level 56 - cold mastery (8)
    level 57 - cold mastery (9)
    level 58 - cold mastery (10)
    level 59 - cold mastery (11)
    level 60 - cold mastery (12)
    level 61 - cold mastery (13)
    level 62 - cold mastery (14)
    level 63 - cold mastery (15)
    level 64 - cold mastery (16)
    level 65 - cold mastery (17)
    level 66 - cold mastery (18)
    level 67 - cold mastery (19)
    level 68 - cold mastery (20)
    level 69 - ice bolt (5) / telekinesis (2)
    level 70 - ice bolt (6) / telekinesis (3)
    level 71 - ice bolt (7) / telekinesis (4)
    level 72 - ice bolt (8) / telekinesis (5)
    level 73 - ice bolt (9) / telekinesis (6)
    level 74 - ice bolt (10) / telekinesis (7)
    level 75 - ice bolt (11) / telekinesis (8)
    level 76 - ice bolt (12) / telekinesis (9)
    level 77 - ice bolt (13) / telekinesis (10)
    level 78 - ice bolt (14) / telekinesis (11)
    level 79 - ice bolt (15) / telekinesis (12)
    level 80 - ice bolt (16) / telekinesis (13)
    level 81 - ice bolt (17) / telekinesis (14)
    level 82 - ice bolt (18) / telekinesis (15)
    level 83 - ice bolt (19) / telekinesis (16)
    level 84 - ice bolt (20) / telekinesis (17)
    level 85 - glacial spike (2) / telekinesis (18)
    level 86 - glacial spike (3) / telekinesis (19)
    level 87 - glacial spike (4) / telekinesis (20)
    level ** - glacial spike (5) / energy shield (1)
    level 89 - glacial spike (6) / ice bolt (5)
    level 90 - glacial spike (7) / ice bolt (6)
    level 91 - glacial spike (8) / ice bolt (7)
    level 92 - glacial spike (9) / ice bolt (8)
    level 93 - glacial spike (10) / ice bolt (9)
    level 94 - glacial spike (11) / ice bolt (10)
    level 96 - glacial spike (12) / ice bolt (11)
    level 97 - glacial spike (13) / ice bolt (12)
    level 98 - glacial spike (14) / ice bolt (13)
    level 99 - glacial spike (15) / ice bolt (14)
    level 100 - glacial spike (16) / ice bolt (15)
    level 101 - glacial spike (17) / ice bolt (16)
    level 102 - glacial spike (18) / ice bolt (17)
    level 103 - glacial spike (19) / ice bolt (18)
    level 104 - glacial spike (20) / ice bolt (19)
    level 105 - ??? / ice bolt(20)

    * NOTICE I haven’t used the 8 skill points given 2 you in the nightmare and hell difficulty
    so at end finished you should be at level 96 (level 97 for PvP)..


    STRENGHT: enough for gear (see gear section)
    VITALITY: 200+

    ???? Why:

    just enough strength for you to wear your gear other is unnecessary
    BASE dexterity works well PvM but for PvP you need MAX BLOCK
    200+ VITALITY no block much vita. Else you die
    BASE energy because of the stuff if you cant afford the stuff then go ahead and put some points in it…


    At this sorceress booster build I will look for:

    Faster castrate
    + to all skills
    Extra dmg
    (Faster run/walk)
    (Replenish life)

    Here is a little explanation of the point system

    1 is the best
    2 is ok
    3 is if you don’t have other
    4 is poor man style

    The gear will be listed like this:

    Name (strength requirement): what’s good about it… rating

    *Occulus and Death’s Fathom are orbs and has no strength or dexterity requirements

    ** If it says like name (rune word) then that means it’s a rune word and you can sock it in any type of that kind of item…


    Shako (50 strength): This one has a great mana/life bonus that I very much like and +2 to all skill
    … Rating: 1

    Nightveil (96 strength): Some choose this over Shako because of its great 8-15% to cold skill dmg … and the only big thing you loose is the mana/life bonus because nightveil also got the +2 to all skills… there’s one more bad thing the strength requirement which is 96 strength… rating: 1

    Peasant Crown (20 strength): this one has a +1 to all skills a great +20 to energy and a +20 to vitality and also a 6-12 replenish life a good starter helm… rating: 2

    Kira (77 strength): This has a great resist bonus some faster hit recovery and cannot be frozen good if you need resist… rating: 2

    Rare helm (??? Strength): There is many okay rare helm and circlets find any with some of the things I listed we need… rating: 2-4

    Tarnhelm (15 strength): This is a rather normal helmet which has a good +1 to all skills and then some mf but its not anything your sorceress is going to count on… rating: 3-4

    The face of horror (23 strength): This helm has a +10 to all resist and +20 to strength which is always good… rating: 4

    Rockstopper (43 strength): +15 to vitality, damage reduced by, faster hit recovery and resist a very good starter helm… rating: 4


    Chains of Honor (rune word): This rune word… dol + um + ber + ist… has a great +2 to all skills and a stunning +65 to all resist’s, +20 to strength, damage reduced by and replenish life… rating: 1

    Ormus robes with +3 to blizzard (77 strength): this gives a great damage bonus both with the plusses to blizzard and with to dmg to cold skill it also has a great +20 to faster cast rate and regenerate mana 10-15% which I like… rating: 1

    Upgraded skin of vipermagic (** strength): for this you need 1 Ko Rune + 1 Lem Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond and of course a skin of vipermagic… put this in your cube and transform… this will give you a great armor with 851 def faster cast rate +1 to all skills and good resist… rating: 1

    Que Hegans (55 strength): this one has +1 to all skills, faster castrate, faster hit recovery, +15 to energy and at last magic dmg reduced by, great stats but I would rather choose a skin of vipermagic… rating: 2

    Normal skin of vipermagic (43 strength): faster castrate +1 to all skills and good resist… rating: 2

    Silks of Victor (100 strength): +1 to all skills a little high strength requirement… rating: 3

    The spirit shroud (38 strength): +1 to all skills, cannot be frozen, replenish life 10 and at last magic dmg reduced by 7-1… rating: 3

    Goldskin (80 strength): good resist… rating: 4


    Occulus (orb): +3 to all skills, +20 to all resist, 30% faster castrate, 20 to vitality, 20 to energy and some useless mf. This orb rocks great bonuses and it’s not that expensive… rating: 1

    Death’s Fathom (orb): +3 to all skills, 20% faster cast rate, some resist and the great 15-30% to cold skill dmg, that rules but it’s a bit expensive… rating: 1

    Heart of the oak (41 strength, 35 dexterity): a expensive rune word: Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul … this rune word is the ultimate sorceress weapon +3 to all skills, 40% faster cast rate, 10+ to dexterity (for PvP), replenish life 20, increase mana 15%, +30-40 to all resist, level 4 oak sage… what can I say this RULE… rating: 1

    Eschuta’s Temper (orb): +1-3 to all skills, +40% to faster castrate, 20-30 to energy… can be expensive and cheap… rating: 2

    Wizardspike (38 strength, 75 dexterity): bonus to mana, 50% faster castrate, regenerate man 15%, increase maximum mana 15%, +75 to all resistances… very good bonuses nice faster cast rate and resist… rating: 3

    Suicide Branch (25 strength): +1 to all skills, 50% faster cast rate, increase maximum mana, all resist and 40 to life… all stuff we can use… rating: 4


    Lidless Wall (58 strength): +1 to all skills, increase maximum mana 10%, 20% to faster castrate, +10 to energy… I like all those things more dmg faster cast rate and at last more mana… rating: 1

    Whistan’s guard (53 strength): A set item from Orphan’s call which gives you the opportunity to get max block while still having much vitality because of its +55% increased chance of blocking which makes you get away with spending only 120 points… (Only for PvP) rating: 1

    Sanctuary (rune word): Ko + Ko + Mal … 20% faster hit recovery, 20% faster block rate, 20% increased chance of blocking, 20 to dexterity, all resistances 50-70, magic dmg reduced by 7 this is one bad *** PvP shield many prefer it before Whistan’s guard because of its resistances and faster block and hit recovery rate… rating: 1-2

    Spendlor (rune word): Eth + Lum … +1 to all skills, 10% faster cast rate, 20% faster block rate, 10 to energy, regenerate mana 15%… a good one with +1 to all skills which means more dmg, but the faster cast rate lacks a bit if you think of lidless wall… rating: 2

    Pelta Lunata (12 strength): 20% increased chance of blocking, 10 to energy, 10 to vitality, 2 to strength, 40% faster block rate… rating: 3

    Wall of the eyeless (25 strength): 20% faster castrate and some poison resist… rating: 4


    Mara's Kaleidoscope: +2 to all skills, all resist 20-30, 5+ to all attributes (this means 5 to strength, 5 to dexterity, 5 to vitality and 5 to energy) this stats rules so badly that it seems insane… rating: 1

    +3 cold skill amu: there is some magic amulets that gives +3 to all sorceress cold skills if you get one then keep it and if you prefer dmg instead of resist or you just already have enough use this one… ranting: 1

    Tal amu: This is a set amu from Tal Rasha’s Wrappings… it gives +2 to all sorceress skills and some life and mana… very nice amulet if you don’t have one of the upper… rating: 2

    The eye of the elitch: +1 to all skills and some silly defence against missiles… cheap… rating: 3

    The Mahim-Oak Curio: this is very cheap… but you can still find a 10 to all resist and 10 to all attributes on this one… rating: 4


    Stone of Jordan: +1 to all skills, increase maximum mana 25%, +20 to mana… what a ring… rating: 1

    Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band: +1 to all skills, life bonus… if you cant afford Stone of Jordan rings Bul-Kathos works fine… rating: 1

    Raven Frost: cannot be frozen, +40 to mana, cold absorb 20%, 15-20 to dexterity… no ones likes to be frozen and you can always use some extra mana and some cold absorb… and if you’re a PvP then 20 dexterity isn’t worse… rating: 1-2

    Manald Heal: replenish life, regenerate mana 20% and 20 to life… rating: 3-4

    Faster castrate rings: get a faster castrate ring with some resist bonuses or whatever you find interesting this should be done with ease… rating: 4


    Arachnid (50 strength): +1 to all skills, 20% faster castrate, increases maximum mana 5%… great belt… rating: 1

    Snowclash (** strength): +15 cold absorb, 15% to maximum cold resist, +2 to chilling armor, +2 to blizzard, +3 to glacial spike… used for much dmg… rating: 1-2

    Gloom’s Trap (58 strength): mana and life… only use if you need mana… rating: 3-4

    Nightsmoke (25 strength): 50% dmg goes to mana, all resist +10, +20 mana… rating: 4


    Magefist (45 strength): 20% faster cast rate, regenerate mana 25%… rating: 1

    Frostburn (60 strength): big mana bonus (only if you desperately need mana)… rating 1-4

    Bloodfist: life … rating: 4

    The hand of broc: +20 to mana, little poison resist… rating: 4


    Sandstorm trek (91 strength): 20% faster hit recovery, 20% faster run/walk, 10-15 to strength, 10-15 to vitality, great poison resist… rating: 1

    Waterwalk (47 strength): 20% faster run/walk, dexterity bonus and life bonus… rating: 1

    Silkweave (65 strength): 30% faster run/walk, increase maximum mana 10%… rating: 2

    War traveller (95 strength): 25% faster run/walk, 10 to vitality and 10 to strength… rating: 3

    Treads of Cthon (30 strength): 30% faster run/walk, 10 to life… rating: 4


    annihilus: +1 to all skills, +10-20 to all attributes, all resistances 10-20, 5-10 experience gained… woaw extra experience… try to get one of those…

    Cold GC: +1 to all sorceress cold skills in a grand charm with either life or mana bonuses. Else clean ones also works

    SC mana charms: small mana charms get some of those…

    .........THE DAMAGE.........

    I have made a small schema that shows the damage you should make when you have synergies and blizzard the level, which stands below:

    20 = 2280-2476
    21 = 2460-2660
    22 = 2640-2844
    23 = 2860-3068
    24 = 3080-3292
    25 = 3300-3516
    26 = 3520-3740
    27 = 3740-3964
    28 = 3960-4188
    29 = 4220-4452
    30 = 4480-4716
    31 = 4740-4980
    32 = 5000-5244
    33 = 5260-5508
    34 = 5520-5772
    35 = 5780-6036
    36 = 6040-6300
    37 = 6300-6564
    38 = 6560-6828
    39 = 6820-7092
    40 = 7080-7356
    41 = 7340-7620
    42 = 7600-7884
    43 = 7860-8148
    44 = 8120-8412
    45 = 8380-8676
    46 = 8640-8940
    47 = 8900-9204
    48 = 9160-9468
    49 = 9420-9732
    50 = 9680-9996


    I prefer an act2 normal defensive merc
    *Normal because that then it gets more life and because of the defiance aura, that increases your defense.

    You should hire your merc early in the game, because a merc that you have trained to lvl 76 is better than a merc that you buy in lvl 76.

    Then I will equip it with "stone" runeword (Shael + um + pul + lum) in a high armor.
    Stone can have the following stats:
    +60% Faster Hit Recovery
    +250-290% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    +300 Defense Vs. Missile
    +16 To Strength
    +16 To Vitality
    +10 To Energy
    All Resistances +15
    Level 16 Molten Boulder (80 Charges)
    Level 16 Clay Golem (16 Charges)

    A Vampire gaze with good leach % and a good reduce dmg %.
    Vampire gaze can have following stats:
    +100% Enhanced Defense
    Adds 6-22 Cold Damage - 4 Second Duration
    15% Slower Stamina Drain
    6-8% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
    6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit (varies)
    Damage Reduced By 15-20% (varies)
    Magic Damage Reduced By 10-15 (varies)

    If you don’t have stone then pick a armor with dmg reduce and much to life,
    Because you wont have a merc that dies all the time. Here is Shaftstop a good choice
    As you can see at the stats:
    +180-220% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    Damage Reduced By 30%
    +250 Defense Vs. Missile
    +60 To Life

    Shaftstop is also easy to get, and if you like, you can upgrade it so it have a defense around 1200.

    If you don’t have gaze, other helms is good too, FX tals mask with high life leach.
    Tals mask:
    10% Life Stolen Per Hit
    10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    All Resistances +15
    +45 Defense
    +30 To Mana
    +60 To Life

    Well there are so many spears but I can advice a BotD ghost spear but that’s very expensive.

    Breath of the Dying:

    50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy
    +60% Increased Attack Speed
    +350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    +200% Damage To Undead
    -25% Target Defense
    +50 To Attack Rating
    +50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
    7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    12-15% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
    Prevent Monster Heal
    +30 To All Attributes
    +1 To Light Radius
    Requirements -20%

    If you can’t afford Botd then steel pilar:

    +210-260% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    25% Chance of Crushing Blow
    -20% Target Defense
    +25% Increased Attack Speed
    +50-80% Enhanced Defense (varies)

    or tomb reaver:

    +200-280% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    +150-230% Damage To Undead (varies)
    +60% Increased Attack Speed
    +250-350 To Attack Rating Against Undead (varies)
    All Resistances +30-50 (varies)
    10% Reanimate As: Returned*
    +10-14 Life After Each Kill (varies)
    +50-80% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies)
    +4 To Light Radius
    Socketed (1-3) (varies)

    Both steel pilar and tomb reaver are good choices.

    Else choose a weapon with high Ed% or cb% (crushing blow) and life leach.
    It can be a good idea to sock your merc armor and/or helm with a perf ruby, for the extra life. A jah (5% increased max life) rune can be good also, BUT it’s very expensive so I prefer the ruby : )


    levelling strategy:

    1-5 clear the den of evil and make the Cain quest
    5-11 make Tristam runs
    11- kill Andy (eventually get someone to nail him for you)
    11-15 sewer runs
    15-17 act2 quest 2
    17-20 tomb runs
    20- get boosted to act5
    20-24 get a friend to cow for you or join public or do Travincal runs
    24-25 do ancients
    25-50 do Baal runs
    50- get boosted
    50-70 do nightmare Baal runs
    70- get boosted or do it yourself
    70-99 do hell Baal runs



    instead of start clearing the spot with all the carvers teleport directly when you get to level
    4 to the room where Andy is and kill the monsters which might get in the way else just
    blizzard her and keep away from her poison try running around some boxes.. Or if your
    merc is strong enough just make him get the dmg while you stand and blizzard him


    blizzard, teleport, blizzard and teleport. You must stay away from him. Or if your merc
    is strong enough just make him get the dmg while you stand and blizzard him


    try doing 1 of the many moat tricks by getting Mephisto in a point where he cant move while
    you blizzard him into his death. Or if your merc is strong enough just make him get the dmg while you
    stand and blizzard him


    this is one hard nail. Get the one you boost a place where he cant be heard of Diablo’s
    flames while you my friend keep away from Diablo and blizzard him try to put you and Diablo
    between some of the holes. He will run at you but just teleport around and do some blizzards
    and it will work out. Or if your merc is strong enough just make him get the dmg while you
    stand and blizzard Diablo

    Baal: here you need a great merc to stand at Baal so you avoid all the damage while you
    kill him

    PvP strategies:

    *I’m not that much into the PvP but I’ll try as hard as I can

    blizzard sorceresses are often hard to PvP with you cant aim the blizzards so you just teleport
    around. And you just have to play a lot with your sorceress to aim. So keep up the good


    they will desperately shoot at you while you’re teleporting around so try to teleport
    a bit around and when you see that they're getting tired or to nervous attack with a blizzard
    and do this until u have finished them off.


    well there’s not much you can do here flee and blizzard. And try NOT getting


    the necromancer with his very own zoo doesn’t come handy against your cruel blizzard.
    Finish them off like was it butter.


    let your merc finish of those freaking bastards or teleport away.

    Other strategies which is good to know about:

    Well it seems fun teleporting into big masses of monsters but try avoiding it
    even while you have a high faster cast rate they might hit you or you point at a chest
    or what so ever and then they will hit you which you don’t like but with this much life
    you shouldn’t die of it.

    .........THE FINISH.........

    Two members (lorax and wsw-mazey) of the Diablo 2 clan WsW (wanking super worms) made this guide to all people out there…

    This clan consist of:

    /w *lorax
    /w *wsw-mazey
    /w *wsw-humse
    /w *dk-psycho
    /w *mc-humse
  2. melianor

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    Nov 13, 2003
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    Will sticky this guide for further discussion.
  3. Lord_Shinnok

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    Jun 23, 2004
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    Nice job Lorax, its gotten a lot better since the first version. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
  4. Justmade

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    Sep 17, 2004
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    let your merc finish of those freaking bastards or teleport away.

    Quite disappointed at this part as it will always happen in hell....
  5. FieryPlague

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    Sep 21, 2004
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    You have a lil typo there, instead of cast rate, you put castrate.
  6. lorax

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    Jul 11, 2004
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    hehe well i putted my guide in word to check of typos and it said that cast rate should be in 1 word... but still nice to know...
  7. lorax

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    Jul 11, 2004
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    nice to get your respons but if you could like explain to me how i could do better then?
  8. Lord_Shinnok

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    Jun 23, 2004
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    I like it when people want criticism about their work. Shows you want to get better and there’s always room for improvement, unless you’re perfect like me :flip: .

    Anyway, the only I would suggest is that you add a section at the beginning that reads something like: Why Should You Build a Blizz Sorc? or What is a Blizz Sorc? or something along those lines. Giving people an idea of the build before they read the whole guide is usually a good idea. I hope my suggestions help. Keep it up :thumbsup: .
  9. Justmade

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    Sep 17, 2004
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    Some small errors :
    1. Frozen Armor (1) is missed from the add skill table
    2. blizzard (1) is duplicated in Lv 24 and 29

    So it even out but the sequence had to be adjusted
  10. w-igor

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    Why no static field ?!
  11. lorax

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    Jul 11, 2004
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    nice to have all these critism and questions...

    i will work on all your suggestions when i get time...

    and my answer to your question about no static is... well at hell the monsters only go at half life... i just dont see the point in putting any skill point in this skill... blizzard works fine...
  12. Tempest198

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    Jun 17, 2004
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    I would highly recommend that 1 point for static if you're gonna let your merc kill immunes. Sure it only takes monsters to half, but if you merc is gonna have to kill all the cold immunes by himself, static will speed that up quite a bit.

    Static is also great against the act bosses and some of the stronger super uniques, tho a fully synergized bliz will prolly tear those apart anyway.

    Edit: Also, you can save 2 points by having an item with + shiver armor on switch.
  13. w-igor

    w-igor IncGamers Member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    2nd question: why ice bolt before glacial? Im SURE glacial is better then ice bolt... so why inwest bolt first?

    btw. Ive forgotten to say: that article is REALLY good. Big thx for that, im doing that sorc man! Lv 55 now :) The only thing i change is equip - i have mf sorc. And im thinking about that static and glacial... Glacial dont really matter, but static... i still dont know.
  14. lorax

    lorax IncGamers Member

    Jul 11, 2004
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    okay im thinking about the static could be an good idea... but the point in maxing ice bolt before glacial spike is that... glacial spike adds freeze time to ice blast and ice bolt adds damage... and since we are going to use ice blast because we want big dmg then we max ice bolt...
  15. Panzer_Erwin

    Panzer_Erwin IncGamers Member

    May 7, 2004
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    To tell the truth , I don't like pure element build. I have a pure blizzard she is now my item store. It is just too limited in hell. And it is boring if you face lot of cold immue, sit and pray that your merc can kill.
  16. Lord_Shinnok

    Lord_Shinnok IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2004
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    Just to comment on that last post, of course a single tree sorc is going to have trouble with immunes. The same issues are faced by fire and light sorcs as well. When you undertake the making of a build such as this you have to know that your going to encounter immunes and dealing with them shows how effective your build really is. Static helps but not as much as a good merc.

    And, I'm spent. :drink:
  17. lorax

    lorax IncGamers Member

    Jul 11, 2004
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    lol... this guide of course requires a good merc... and with telekinesis you will have no trouble at all... even without i haven't been haveing any trouble at all with immunes... well i did make a merc section because your merc is needed....
  18. Chris-Mavina

    Chris-Mavina IncGamers Member

    Oct 11, 2004
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    hi ive been making a blizz sorc (for mf) but is it just me or is blizzard a bit strange. i mean i put it right over the heads of the enemy and there all running aobut under it and half the time it dosnt hit them. Its a bit annoying :rant: . can anyone explain? :scratch:
  19. melianor

    melianor D3 Wizard Moderator

    Nov 13, 2003
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    Blizzard is displayed isometrically on the screen meaning, you need to aim at the or slightly before monster to be able to hit them. Look at the animation and you will see small circles landing on the ground. That's where Blizzard is hitting.
  20. Dennis_KoreanGuy

    Dennis_KoreanGuy IncGamers Member

    Oct 18, 2004
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    Melianor is totally right. That is how blizz should be used in ALL circumstances unless the target is an unmoving caster.

    Wow lots of blizz guides here... again it's very nice.

    Kudos to you too! :wave:

    - Dennis

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