Blizzard on Permanent Immunity Nerfs


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Blizzard on Permanent Immunity Nerfs

[caption id="attachment_383125" align="alignright" width="220"] RIP permanent immunity.[/caption]Blizzard has posted a statement about upcoming nerfs to some of the immunity-granting skills, which various item bonuses have made stronger and stronger, especially in the newest patch.

Permanent immunity philosophy update

The concept of permanent immunity has been on our radar since we introduced Cooldown Reduction in Reaper of Souls. Since then, we've seen many players who have been able to skirt the edges of permanent immunity using this affix. Frankly, we think that's awesome, since we love it that players can customize their characters in different ways.

While it's our goal for CDR to be a desirable affix, and while we're okay with players greatly reducing the cooldown of their immunity skills, we also want to avoid a scenario where permanent immunity is possible. For instance, in patch 2.1.2, we put a cooldown on Smoke Screen to mitigate permanent immunity builds for the Demon Hunter so that you couldn't chain this skill back-to-back.

Starting in the next PTR patch, we'll be applying this philosophy to the following immunity skills.

  • Spirit Walk
  • Serenity
  • Smoke Screen
  • Laws of Hope : Stop Time

With this, the cooldowns on these skills will begin after their buff ends. To minimize negatively impacting the normal use case for these skills, we're lowering the cooldown time to compensate; for example, Serenity is going from a 20 second cooldown that starts on activation, to a 16 second cooldown that starts when Serenity ends.

Previously, we may have decided against adding an item power to the game that might lead to permanent invulnerability. However, with these new changes, we'll have much more freedom in designing new and powerful items, since there will be a stop gap to ensure that permanent invincibility is no longer a concern.

We wanted to let you all know about the above changes in advance, so that you'll be prepared for them in the next PTR patch. We'll be eager to hear everyone's feedback once these changes actually go into effect.

I like the cookie held out there at the end, with the hope of items that would buff or otherwise make cool changes to those skills, once they can't be made permanent. On the larger issue... it's hard to argue that yes, you should be able to achieve full immunity. Obviously that would break the game in a way, and so long as Bliz can tweak the skills to 1) prevent full-time immunity while, 2) not breaking those skills for other players, it seems a logical fix.

Agree or disagree?
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Diabloii.Net Member
OK in theory but I don't like the example given. Serenity's post cooldown should go down to about 12 seconds. That way it's a slight buff for anyone with less than 50% CDR and the nerf only hits those with more than 50%, which is where the problem lies.


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Seems kind of redundant... I don't think any of the immunity builds can clear a 40, or 50 GRift in time, unless it's in a party. And isn't party play what they wanted? Hate how they pigeonhole this game so much.


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the way i see it: it is SO incredibly difficult to gear up to the amount of CDR one needs and yet still be able to deal damage in a higher (45+) solo grift. That one should be able to still achieve that if it. I've been grinding my monk to get to that place ... paragon 600+ and doing endless bounties for a socketed RORG ... crafting hundreds of items and burning through rifts; it's actually hard ... I'm toiling over here.

And, i could understand, if this invulnerability was just handed to me. But, it's not. So, I don't think it's a great idea to remove it.

I'm understand the arguments against being able to achieve this on any level. I already know what people are going to say/have said. I just don't agree.

If they don't want us to have immunity permanently, if there's going to be serious gaps, OK. I then propose an alternate idea. -

Then just consider granting the players a longer stretch with immunity before a longer cool down. That way, the time can be used to dish out some damage while standing in fire, poison, fire-chains, jailer, frozen all at once.


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I'm not really sure there should be any immunity skills to begin with. Damage reduction, yes, but damage immunity? Not so sure. It's kind of like the whole Crushing Blow mechanic saga all over again; having something that by-passes monster scaling doesn't work when you have infinite monster scaling, and damage immunity by-passes monster scaling.


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I mean it's been a problem since the release of vanilla with perma immunity Smokescreen and Boon. It should definitely not be a thing and the game should be balanced around and to reflect t hat.