Blizzard MF Sorcy hits 94!


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After my rune hunting runs I moved to some MFing with a classic Blizzard Sorceress. My Sorcy was 92 and my goal was to farm till she hits 94. She has a decent killing speed capable of killing mobs even in p7-p8 with 675% MF. Places to farm were:
Ancient Tunnels
Chaos Sanctuary
The Worlstone keep 2,3
Throne of Destruction

Nothing too original in the areas, I was mostly running Ancient Tunnels and Chaos Sanctuary. Andariel is a pretty sweet spot to farm since she nearly always drops something unlike Diablo or Baal where most times drops are completely trash.

As for drops I am not pleased with what I got. I really expected something greater. Nothing really great worthy of mentioning apart from the Circlet which was so good yet so bad at the same time.

Unfortunately no high runes dropped and along with generally bad drops the MF journey didn't go so well. But I managed to get 2 levels and improve a bit her gear which raised her resistances. Few Screenshoots.

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