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Blizzap RIP :(

Discussion in 'Hardcore Graveyard' started by Hew, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Hew

    Hew Diabloii.Net Member

    Jun 27, 2010
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    Lvl 64 Cold sorc, was probably gonna go fire also for hell, has bit the dust. Man lvl 64 HC SP self found, no runeword mod. Was going so nice! I ran meph and baals nm on players 3 from lvl 52 to 64 and found few goodies:
    Tals helm, WW, Wartravs! And literally 2 baal runs before i died, a sweet site for my mana chugging eyes dropped in the throne room, wizzy :( Man was I feeling pretty tanky. I had full res in NM without wizzy, so all that mana res and fcr had me thinking hell yeah, time to get to 75 and start hell. But a few dolls in the throne rooma had other thoughts. I knew just as I hit the left mouse button that it was not a good idea to spray that frozen orb as the dollies rushed at me at a a crazed fanatical pace lol. Oh yeah had 30res vipermagi on too (norm baal dropped that one!!) I mean pretty sweet ass drops for self found! eth sundan was on my merc too ;( oh man... too bummed to play for awhile. Its a lot of work without rwm lol.
    damn dolls! ;)
    but hey, maybe time for a mele again :eek:
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