Blizz sorc looks like this


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Blizz sorc looks like this

Ok i know the qeation has been asked !! somany times but i need to know wat there skill tree looks -- which skills pumped first !!! (sorry just need to know)

--- and other thing all u bliz sorc - player - pro
i need to know wats -- better max block or vita -- base dex ?? :p

-- thankz i advance !!!

--!! thor .. shakes fist at bad tps :( -- if only i saw u walking down the street


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MANA is easy to come by, and Blizzard is actually an efficient spell. Most enemeis in Hell pack a punch and even if you could muster up 1200 HP or something from dumping a ton of points into vita you'll still die in two hits or so. My sorceress (non-twinked) got by in Hell with 500 life or so. But she had 66% blocking and thats what saved her kneck in most situations. Those Hell archer packs will mow down any non-shield character in a heartbeat.

Anyways, most people prefer to max cold mastery, blizzard, glacial spike, ice blast and dump the rest into the first projectile skill (cold skill, something with ice in it but i forgot the name).


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well i went the life route...if your a blizz sorc generally the only thing u r doin in hell solo is meph/andy etc...and u dont need blocking on those runs..rests of the time u r partied up where u can stay behind most projectiles...and w/ bo and oak...your life gets crazy high...4-5k...and i like to get mastery up to about 17 w/ goes to blizz n synergies for max cd...then once u get all those full go back to mastery...



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Skill points
Spend them in roughly this order:
1 point in Warmth
1 point in Static (optional)
1 point in Telekinesis
1 point in Teleport
max Blizzard
max CM
---then either---
max Ice Blast
max Ice Bolt
rest in Glacial Spike
max Glacial Spike
max Ice Blast
max Ice Bolt

The first option gives you bigger damage against a single foe (like Mephisto), while the other is more useful in questing, as Glacial Spike will freeze whole groups.

Strength: Enough for items (max 156 for Stormshield)
Dex: Enough for max blocking (75%) with a good bloking shield (at least 60%)
Vit: Rest
Energy: Nothing


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agree with krakdaddie

vita over dex

well i wanted some dex (to be able to use wizardspike - not theat i actually used it ever) so i balls'd up the build slightly but nm.

as for skills
save most points - putting 1 point into all pre req's as you go
(you can put a few extra points into blizz synergies to help you kill quicker as u lvl - but the more u save, the sooner you get maxxed blizz & CM)
then @ lvl 30 put one into CM & blizz per lvl until your spare skill points are all used up
max blizz then max cm
then max the synergies in any order (depends what u like firing in the blizz cast delay) i prefer Ice Blast, but some like GS
not forgetting a point in teleport and its pre req, plus a point into warmth

job done :D

imo dont bother with energy sheild/static - act bosses die v fast with blizz/blast combo and get an magical armour either from a switch weapon or use the snowclash belt
so my sorc in full mf gear has about 16% ctb and ~1100 life she has died twice on HELL mephi runs - both times to fanat dolls :( but my last death was ages ago - now if i see that aura i go a different route :D

edit after seeing above post:

for vita build
stat points
str - for gear = 97 (for skullders to mf in) if u have anni or str as 2nd mod on life or mf sc then calculate this in. (or str = 77 for 4 4ptopaz armour iirc). SS is pointless imo for a blizz sorc - we won't be toe to toe with anything.
dex - for gear - maybe 75 for wiz spike - again not planning to toe to toe anything so a fast tp away instead of trying to block attacks
vit - rest
mana - base

my sorc does meph et al very very easily and she is a b0rked build - i wasted stat points in both mana ([email protected]) and dex and she still rocks.

She does fine in the pit too, but i tend to avoid it down there as the archers trigger oculus 25% tp far too much and it's just annoying


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Shanksie1337 said:
SS is pointless imo for a blizz sorc - we won't be toe to toe with anything.
dex - for gear - maybe 75 for wiz spike - again not planning to toe to toe anything so a fast tp away instead of trying to block attacks
Blizzard is a terrific attack, and the Blizzard sorc's only problem is really those few monsters that somehow escape being hit at all. They'll sometimes get to you, and being able to just stand still and drizzle snowflakes on your own head while watching them die is so much more gratifying than having to teleport away. You don't have to go toe to toe with anything, it just rocks to be able to.


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Like i said in a post somedays ago i chose blizzard sorc (MF). As of now im level 60 (? approx not sure im not at home) and what she has right now is as follow:

Skill Points
1 point in Warmth
1 point in Static
1 point in Telekinesis
1 point in Teleport
10 points in Ice Bolt (planning to max it)
10 points in Ice Blast (planning to max it)
~7 in Glacial Spike (planning to max it)
20 points in Blizzard
1 point in Cold Mastery (planning to max it)

Stat Points
Str: 100 (i dont know yet what is the biggest ill need so i keep points available)
Dex: base
Vit: 200 (planning to put everything else in there)
Ene: base

i do about 3000 dmg with blizz, i do have crappy stuff, not even great MF items yet and i just got in hell yesterday. now what i see is that i do 4 blizz and i need to use a potion so ... this kinda sucks, i have not even 150mana and i have about 500 life, i readed many builds/guides and thats what i did, but i need more mana so is there any good/excellent MF items that gives mana and/or energy and/or mana replenish faster? Or what should i do? Sorry to ask a question on your question thread lol but this still could help you out :thumbsup:


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Starting Hell at level 60 is perhaps a little early, especially if you don't have great gear. Do some NM Baal runs to level to around 70. That should also help you out some with mana.

You start with 35 mana and gain 2 each level-up - so at level 60, you should have 153 base mana. If you don't have more than this, you don't have a single +mana item. That's not realistic, so put on some +mana equipment. If you really haven't found a single +mana charm through the whole game, check the vendors for +mana gear, socket some perfect saphires, run NM Mephisto or try trading for some +mana items (frosties would be perfect and are in the cheaper end and +mana charms should be easily obtainable). As you've come this far without putting points in energy, it would be a waste to do it now.

On skills: Max Cold Mastery before putting any more points in synergies. Then max one synergy at the time.


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I regret every point I put into Dex and Energy.

My Sorc is level 89 and a Blizz/FW combo.
I have +12 from skills.

Vita vs Dex: I really try NOT to get hit. With my act 2 merc and blizzard, I really have no business getting hit. I would have rather used them in Vita vs Dex.

Energy Points: With the items i use (1 soj, occy, vipermage, shako, lidless/rhyme,mara's, etc) I get plenty of mana and mana regen so I wish I had the 50 or so I put here over in life as well.


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HazardFC said:
Vita vs Dex: I really try NOT to get hit. With my act 2 merc and blizzard, I really have no business getting hit. I would have rather used them in Vita vs Dex.
Well, if you don't get hit, what do you need the points in vitality for? :p
Do you have max block? A little dex is no use - either max block or don't pump dex at all. But again, it depends on playing style, and you're obviously a more cautious player than I am. Sometimes monsters come unscathed through one of my Blizzards and get a few hits in. Max block effectively quadruples your life against those blockable attacks (most of the unpleasant with one big exception: Lightning). I also enjoy not always hanging back in groups. To each his/her own.


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I agree, I have always prefered the Max-Block build with SS, now that DR is capped at 50, SS+Shako gives you 5% shy of max DR. It really helps against physical attacks who have quite a boost thanks to the patch. Then I also end up with more resist for some reason b/c most vita builds will opt for lidless, which compared to SS is quite a joke (resist wise). But of course, the problem with SS block build is that you will have to find another route for FCR, and mine wasn't cheap, Wizardspike+Anarchid's. By doing that you get much less damage.


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sasja said:
Well, if you don't get hit, what do you need the points in vitality for? :p
Haha..good point.

What i was trying to say is I do not try to get up close where I will get hit but yes, I do get hit from time to time, esp from ranged folks.

So, I want plenty of life but I am not trying to tank anything.

As you say, is a preference thing. I want enough life to take a hit or 2 for when i do get hit.. but I try to avoid getting hit best i can.

If I ever went to redo my sorce, I would have added 0 to dex.


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For manaless builds;

- Mana rings (2 Bahamuts +1xx each, or crafted ones)
- Mana amulet (crafted or something else)
- Frostburns (+40% mana)
- Magefist (25% mana regen)
- Shako (+mana and +life)
- Wizardspike (+mana)

I use Magefist, but only for the 20% FCR. I'm trying to craft 10% FCR +mana rings so I can use Frostburns. Why Magefist? I don't want to use Liddles (crappy block) and I use full Rasha.

As for the Dex vs Vita question, just do the math.

- 0 Dex and 400 Vita
Gives 800 life but no block

- 200 Dex and 200 Vita
Gives 400 life and 75% block on most shields which are above 60% listed block. This gives you a virtual life of 1600

But now it get's greater. You have to take +life from equipement into consideration.

- 0 Dex, 400 Vita and Full Rasha set
Gives 1120 life but no block

- 200 Dex, 200 Vita and Full Rasha
Gives 720 life and 75%. This gives you a virtual life of 2880

So the more life you get from equipement, the better deal you get from block. Vita charms are 2 to 3 times more effective on a 75% block sorc then on a 0% block sorc.

As for the shields you use, 200 dex is even overkill for a level 93 sorc like myself. I have 178 Dex for full block on Whitstans Guard. These extra points have gone to Vita too, improving the balance even more.

As a side note, my level 93 sorc has near 1.2k life and 75% block. And here's the greatest part, I even have 100 stat points left to distribute. (In case you're wondering why, I just haven't made up my mind on SS vs Whitstans)

Sidenote; There's only one real catch and that are unblockable attacks. Souls are a menace on low Vita builds, so I wouldn't recommend making a low vita sorc for Endurance Play like teleporting through Worldstone Keep.