Blizz/Sorc Build Part II

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Blizz/Sorc Build Part II

Hey Helvete..

here's where we stand with the new MF Blizz/Sorc

Level 62
STR 90
DEX 40
VIT 60
ENER 120

Stat points Rem: 77


Blizzard Maxed out
1 point in pre-req's

32 Choices Remaining

How should i continue the template with her? Where are the remaining and rest of points best spent. I went with a higher STR up front so she could wear something a little better than a paper bag.



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Umm, you energy is way to high, str you go for 156 after gear for spirit or 4-isted monarch.

You either want max vita, or max block and rest in vita. Usually zero points into energy, expecially for blizzard.


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Are you doing energy shield? That is a lot of points in energy. Are you planning on max block or max vit also? If you read a few a few of the other recent threads I think you'll see what you're looking for.


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I think this should have been a PM to helvete, rather than a post in the forums. Topic closed.
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