Blizz set up vs Windies


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Blizz set up vs Windies

well, re-made Es blizzer into a max block vita one. unsurprisingly low life but performs rather well. I am sticking to low fcr bp (65) tho, utilising bit more of run since this is bp i am more comfortable with (i.e. i suck at fast teleing)

anyway, with blizz having time delay and all, I don't have much problem vs other chars, blizz - tele- nl- blast - rinse and repeat are usual tactics. :p

but dudus...ones with good cyclone armors and nice summoning - telestopming skills are hard. onces that just telestompls i can deal with, ones that teles away to resumon I can also deal with.

but ones that teles while summoning while stomping you? :shocked:

these guys don't seem to take any dmg from blizz either, making my life a living hell. oh, that and I need SS with ber or something to get enogh life and pdr%

so what set ups am i to use against these ones?
currently i am using something like

SS (umed for now but can use ber-ed)
1SoJ, 1 BK (still looking for bk in mules..i get rd a lot while doing this..)
treks (considering rare atm)
2sorc - 15 fcr amu

any changes to make? change to ormus and go for more dmg? mayb snowclash to get more dmg? what about DR? just give up on that?

and yes i have read stickied guide, ut i want opinions from experienced blizzers.

btw so far, fun :)
its amazing to see how many people try to jump you by charging, only to die in the process!
now only if blizz would trun invisible like fissure lol! (no that was a joke. never-ever do that!!)


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Re: Blizz set up vs Windies

the only way i can see it is just use ice blast to send him into hit recovery else no way of getting past his armor. You will need lots of fcr.


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Re: Blizz set up vs Windies

The armor can be broken, usually one good blizzard does it. I like to pressure the druid. If you give him some time to resummon then all your work is for naught. Lead him back and forth into blizzards until his minions or his oak are dead. When he stops to recast, pressure him. Force him to move. Keep raining blizzards on him and spamming ice blast/glacial spike.


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Re: Blizz set up vs Windies

Thats why you glacial spike and freeze the bastuds.

Can you tell I'm a complete blizz noob?
The aggressive druids are really hard to glacial spike. They are madly teleing towards you trying to stomp the crap out of you and you're too busy teleing away and dropping blizz all over the place to spare for some puny Glacial Spikes...:laugh: