blizz or orb??


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blizz or orb??

i been wondering which one would be a better choice. im not much of a pk person. i like pvm more than pvp. i heard that a blizz and a orb would do the job. but which one would be better? can orb kill bosses quickly too?


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Hey ill say Orb is better thats always my first char in every ladder res
everyone seems to like Blizz more but Orb is amazing enough dmg do Mf and rush and u will have spare points that u can put in Enchant to use on ur merc when u need to kill cold imunes.
I must say Orb to me is superior but its up to u
Blizz doesnt work so good for me but maybe for u ?? =)
build one of each and try them out both are very good


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it depends
blizz=highdmg, but hard to aim
orb=lower dmg, almost always will hit atleast once

also orb can do more dmg than blizz if it explodes on top or near a boss
but if you are gonna baal you will see that stacked blizrds kill almost instantly for fisrt few waves in hell

it depends on equipment too, sucky=orb, god=blizz


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PvM-wise. Orb is nowhere close to the power of blizzard IMO.

Blizzard + tanking merc is devastating. Let your merc run ahead and group them altogether. Bam. Blizzard and they are all dead.


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One of the main reasons that people would pick Orb over Blizzard would be to have an attack of a different element.

If you want to go pure cold, then Blizzard would be the best choice, IMO. Otherwise, go with orb+fire/ orb+lighting.


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I agree with Jackson. If you spend 25-50 points in the Cold Tree, Orb will kick Blizzard's butt, and hard. If you spend 50-60 points in the cold tree, they'll be pretty even, and if you spend 60+ points in the cold tree, Blizzard is just savage.