Blizz/ ES OR not ? (PVP)


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Blizz/ ES OR not ? (PVP)


Well, Currently my blizz is lvl 75. I have MAXED all of blizz's synergies and I think like super close to finishing maxing CM. Probably like 2~3 points away.

Now I was wondering, Should I get ES ? I really wanted it cuz ya know I could absorb dmg. But will the ES be really effective? Cuz mostly es/orb builds are out there cuz blizz has so many synergies to max and orb has like 1. So yeah es or not?

This is going to be my gear:

Wraith Collar
40% Hoto
Shael'd Vipermagi
Ber'd Whinstans
Mage Fist OR Frosties (depends on es or not)
x2 Sojs
Imp Shanks

cta + lideless

Gcs and all that snaz

Now I need help deciding to go max block or not? Again Im for PVP.

Lastly, I need the FCR + FHR help. 5% FHR scs are bugged to 4% so I dunno if i should use those? I heard the 86 FHR bp is the best to get to?

lets see:

Vipermagi- 20 FHR (from shael)
Imps- 20 FHR

thats 40 right their so I need another 46..

I would need x4 12 FHR gcs to reach the 86 FHR bp, which I think isnt to bad?? OR should I just go x3 FHR gcs and use x3 4% FHR scs to get the 86 mark? It would save me 10 runes for buying that sc + I could use a lifer..

FCR mark shouldnt be to bad:

40 hoto- 40 FCR
Viper- 30 FCR
Mage- 20 FCR
Spider- 20 FCR
Wraith Collar- 10 FCR

If I went with frosties I could just take 1 soj out and get a fcr ring.. still reaching the 105 fcr mark.

alright, well any help is appreciated.



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The reason is this: if a ww barb hits you, you will be only able to cast 1 Blizz and that's BEFORE he hits you. (maybe a she... she-barb? shudder... :eek: )

You need to max Telekinesis which is a partial synergy for ES, and without it your mana will BURN and BURN and BURN and BURN and then it will BURN some more after BURNING.

A GREAT ES guide can be found in this link right here:

ES absorbs 2 points of mana for ever 1 life of dam you were supposed to get. If you use ES directly from a +ES (sorceress only) item and didn't put 1 pt into TK, then think how MASSIVE the drain it would be. Even if you're ES only absorbed 60% nvm 95%, and a barb of PURE physical dam hit you once and was suppose to damage your health by 200, that is 80 to life and 240 to mana. We all know if a WW Barb hits you, you're health will go down MUCH MUCH MUCH more than 200 unless a Full Blocker like you manage to block couple hits.

ES absorbing such a huge amount of health is much more dangerous than playing w/o because you won't even have 1 mana to teleport. PvM if you tele into a mob then you're seriously SCREWED.

Damage to life = InitialDamage*(W/100)*(1-X/100)*(1-Y/100)*(1-Z/100)

W = PvP penalty (for most, if not all attacks 17%)
X = % resistance (or damage reduction in case of a physical attack)
Y = % chance to block (in case of a physical attack or blockable elemental attack)
Z = % energy shield

So my answer is, unless you're going to lvl your char to 135 and max out Telekinesis / ES, don't bother wasting skill pts. into it. :thumbsup:

- Dennis


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yeah i know now, I got told that it would be worthless since blizz has like 5 synergies..

Thnx for the PM, i understand..

ok well now I need help with other areas.. FHR is most important.

still help :D


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It seems you're pretty rich...


cough*o8 [email protected]<

I suggest you DON'T go block, but then again this will raise some serious controversy in ALL forums.

If you're going mass vita, then you can take off the ugly Whitstan's and look like a Pimp with a pure golden Lidless, and then can take of Wraith Collar and wear a +3 Cold ammy.

FHR... well I wouldn't have guessed in my dreams that 5% FHR scs were bugged to be 4%... Can't really help you in that department.

- Dennis


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im not gonna use.8 valk, just looks pure fugly.

I think I will go 50% block which will be enough, I love teleing so ill be ****en fast.

I hate lideless's also..


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I'd go with lvl 1 es and some pts into tk if you're intending to go too a HIGH lvl. Still....gonna suck when you cant attack back.


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We already decided I was NOT going to go ES. It would just be a total waste, I dont have any points to put in it..

I need help w/


MAX Block OR 50% Block OR None?


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Guys, We already decided I'm NOT going ES. It would be impossible for me to max it or do anything for it.. most I could put is like 1 point + I would have to max telek and I'm already lvl 84. Im just finishing maxing my ice bolt for blizz synergie than i'm done..

NO ES !!