Blitzkrieg: A PvP/PvM Panzer Tank Barb


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Blitzkrieg: A PvP/PvM Panzer Tank Barb

Hey guys, i wanted to make a PvP (BvA) character that I first soloed through hell with and this is what i have come up with. The build gets its name because i want to be lightning quick and shock things to oblivion (blitzkrieg) and panzer tank because im going to be throwing (tank cannon) and have tons of defense (tank).

My main idea is to tele around (hopefully at the 105% breakpoint), get close to my opponent, shock them into submission with warcry, switch weapons and start blasting them with throwing weapons.

But it is hard thinking of what equipment to use. With an act 1 merc using faith, i can hit 4fpa double throw with dual lacerators and 55 nonweapon ias. But then i wouldnt be able to use the angelic combo and id have to use ias gloves instead of draculs.

BvAll Gear??
Weapon: Lacerator and Lacerator
Weapon Switch: Wizspike and Wizspike or hoto/hoto
Armor: Enigma
Helm: Arreats w/15% ias jewel? maybe a 40/15?
gloves: whats best ias gloves? LoH?
boots: Gore Riders
ring: Raven / Angelic?
ring: BK / Angelic?
Ammy: Highlords/Angelic?
anni, btorch, tons of 20 life charms, fhr charms, res all charms, etc.
Or maybe warcry charms for better BO and better stun from warcry?

PvM gear would probably switch out lacerators for gimmershreds, and aneglics wouldnt be needed.

And im also debating where to spend skill points. These fare for sure:

20 BO
20 Double Throw

But after that is where i get confused. Throwing Mastery i think is a must because of AR. But theres also Shout, Double swing, and Warcry. I want some points in warcry for better stun, without putting actual points in warcry past 1.

So in summary my questions are:

1. What is more important? 4fpa throws or angelic ar? or does it depend on opponent?
2. With double throw does that give me double damage and combine the open wounds chance and stuff like that?
3. How to divy up my skill points. shout/throwing mastery/double swing, warcry, etc.
4. Wizspikes or hotos? with wizspikes i need 5 more fcr from somewhere to get to the 105% as well as 150 resists. with hotos id get the 63% breakpoint, but not as good resists, but better warcry?
5. how long does it take to switch weapons and is it a fixed rate? Will switching weapons like that work or is it too slow?
6. What do you think of my build in general?


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I am currently building the same type of char.. except for the weapon switch war cry... I don't really see it's validity. It would be nice for pvm but pvp would be useless. The weapon switch I THINK is a set speed and if you're stunning everything with WC it shouldnt be a probleme going back to Lacerators.
Overall if going this route i'd pick wizzys for the +6 from hotos won't do **** for your dmg.
I was going basicallly the same setup, except maybe a nice rare or magical instead of the second lacerator.
highlords for the deadly strike, gores of course, dual ravens. arreats, enigma, i have nice crafted 20ias, CB moded gloves. and dungos.
angelic might be needed for AR though. ...that's always a probleme with these unique chars. AR : /
I was thinking skill wise ::
20throw mastery
20double swing
20double throw
20 Frenzy
I don't know if Frenzy will help me at all.. it might end up being a waste but I already have 2 in it. soo I could stop and go Shout i guess.??
Good luck though man.
Tossers are rare.
GL HF , later