Blasphemys Sac a pup pet doctor build RoS gear only PTR 2.1.0


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Special Thanks to Hellswraith#1116 for the name of this build

Hello everyone like I stated in my most recent video I'm working on creating an optimal build incorporating Sacrifice and the Pet Doctor. Here is where I'm at so far.

Let's start with the build first skill build link -!hWgV!bbaccb

Skills, Runes

Big Bad Voodoo, Slam Dance
No explanation needed =p

Piranhas, Piranado
Allows for better crowd control and damage. I'm usually a fan of soul harvest. However, for Greater Rifts and just about everything in 2.1.0 this is the safer and stronger bet.

Summon Zombie Dogs, Leeching Beasts
I have been messing around with another Rune Life Link. However, until further fixes on the PTR are made I'll be using Leeching Beasts.

Sacrifice, Provoke The Pack
Provoke the Pack Stacks up to 5 times and increases your damage by 20% everytime you use Sacrifice. This allows for your fetishes to gain an insane amount of damage. I do not use the Fetish Army skill.

Plague of Toads, Rain of Toads
In my opinion the best generator for Fetish Sycophants. Also this skill allows you to stay at a range, and keeps you safe while playing this build. Let's not forget the LoH is insane.


Fierce Loyalty
More movement speed = more survivability and the capability to clear Greater Rifts faster.

Fetish Sycophants

Tribal Rites
Helps reduce the Cool Down of Summon Zombie Dogs and Big Bad Voodoo. If I ever decide to tie in the Fetish Army anywhere down the line. It will help with its Cool Down as well.

Pierce the Veil
More base damage of course for all my damage dealing skills.


Head - Mask of Jeram (Legendary not Set)
Self Explanatory

Shoulders - Aughild's Power
Aiming for the 3 set

Amulet - Xephirian Amulet
Because lightning sucks XD

Chest - Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit
Pets benefit from A.S. Also I've been using this chest piece on my WD before RoS.

Gloves - Tasker and Theos
Another self explanatory item

Bracers - Aughild's Search
Again aiming for the 3 set

Belt - The Witching Hour
AS and CHD on a belt

Legs - Depth Diggers
The bonus damage to signature spells is to good to pass up

Feet - Ice Climbers
Because frozen sucks XD

Ring 1 - Ring of Royal Grandeur
Allows you to achieve the Augild's 3 set. I use a trifecta one int, as, cc, and cd

Ring 2 - Stone of Jordan
All hail the mighty Stone of Jordan. I use Phys% Damage and CC

Weapon - Sun Keeper
More bonus to elite damage

Off Hand - Homonculus
Quick I need more dogs to Sacrifice

This is what I'm working on guys. No videos as of yet will do one soon. Still testing other things. This is the most concrete so far. Let me know what you think.