Blasphemy rolls 57 WD Hellfire Amulets Patch 2.1


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Hello everyone patch 2.1 is now here! The first thing I did when I was able to get into game. Was roll 57 Hellfire Amulets! Good Luck to everyone rolling Hellfire Ammys and have fun. Thank you everyone checking out what I'm doing in RoS.



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Wish I hadn't watched this. Pretty discouraging lol. Maybe I will get luckier than you with my ~15 machines I currently have but I doubt it. Its not surprising. Amulets are hard to get a good roll on anyway and getting a good one + a desired passive just adds one more roll you need to have luck on.

I will show you what I come up with if I get lucky. I was in love with the pet build until my buddies started getting raped in greater rifts. I have been running jade the last couple weeks. I guess that means I will get +phys or fire, mainstat, CC, CD and one of the pet passives lol.