Blade Skill Assassin?


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Blade Skill Assassin?

I am thinking of building up an asassin, but I can't decide on a build. I'm not gonna go traps, and I was wondering about the Blade Skills. I heard they got revamped and I would like to try them. Blade Fury would be my main skill.

SO, what goes up when you put more points into it(Blade Fury)

And what mods transfer from the claw to the blades?

Elemental Dmg?

From the looks of this I won't have a lot of skill points to assign. This means I could max Claw Block and wear duel claws(Blocks elemental attacks? wOOt!)

Then this brings me to the dual claw thing. Will all the mods from both claws stack, will it switch form claw to claw, or just use a certain slot?

Does BoS affect my speed of throwing blades and does the speed of my weapon affect it?

And finally what summonable should I use?


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Blade Fury is a one point wonder, all that increases is a little damage with extra points, not good. Use a one-handed weapon as two-handers get damage penalty. A good one is Cresent Moon as it has ITD and static field chance to cast.

Venom transfers, and is good if you max it, but you won't get any help from poison charms as the duration of venom makes them worthless.

CB transfers, as well as OW, Deadly strike (I don't think so, not sure...there is a FAQ in the assassin forum). Most people use CB, OW and poison, and static to be sure. As for elemental damage, I believe it transfers, once again I'll refer you to the FAQ (I'm not much help really, am I).

The big problem with BF is AR, you need it, bad. I think claw mastery works with claw class weapons.

So the big problem is that trapper equipment doesn't jive well with the mod's that transfer since trappers wear more 'caster-like' gear. You could have a switch mode with a crescent moon something and a shield, but you still need the CB to be effective. Trapping sucks too many points in synergies to be able to use venom, so you're left with a half-effective BF. This is dangerous and/or tedious to use on LI (static field not effective on LI).

I guess read the BF assassin guide and you can decide for yourself. I tried it and didn't like it as much as Dtalon (which as requires CB, but I had a black runeword devil star on switch) and takes care of LI just fine, all you really need is one corpse for DS anyway.


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I just read SonofRa's guide again and I think this would be a fun build for someone who has the gear. Stormlash anyone? Crescent Moon seems much more viable, heck I could make it today (bye-bye puls). I didn't mean to sound negative about it, it's just not a build for someone with so-so gear.


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Blade fury is a fun build. I suggest getting Death sentry as your second main attack. about lvl 60 and you will have max DS, LS, FB, BF and could have some in the shadow skills for extra support.

Look for chance to cast on striking mods because cast on attack does not work. Also look for plenty of elem damage in anyform you can get it. +skills can ruin this build by having more mana used then leeched so be careful when adding +skills. About 8% mana leech will keep your bulb full using a constant 4-5 DS. Cresant moon and choas are really fun runewords to play with on this build. check the guide for mentioned on better ways to play this build.