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Ok I noticed that the merc Pride weapon gives me around a 2500 damage boost with infinity on. So I might have to stick with Pride on the merc. I'm not sure if that counts the might aura too or if the might stayed on when I took the pride off, but that boost alone is huge and is bigger for the 2H weapons than for the Famine/Phoenix combo. The pride boost was only around 1000 when I had those on.

I'm going to make Destruction tonight and see how it works out...


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Don't forget that Infinity is giving you the benefit of very, very greatly reduced enemy defense. This could be a large part of that extra damage you're talking about.


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Hey I've been playing with the blade fury + blade sentinal assassin combination lately.

At first I was using an Eth Famine Small Crescent (350-420 damage) paired with the Phoenix shield (370% ED). Other relevant equipment is Fortitude armor and Giant skull with 70% ED. Combined with a Might + Pride merc, this put me to around 8,500 maximum damage for blade fury on the damage screen.
There is no point to look at the LCS for your damage because it doesn't accurately display your BF damage in any kind of way. You will have to do the calculation by hand.

If you look at the base average damage of an eth Famine Small Crescent (49*1.5*4.7 = 345 max) and an eth Infinity (91*1.5*4.25 = 580 max) and then apply the 3/4 and 3/8 penalties you get 345*3/4 = 259 and 580*3/8 = 218.

Raw damage wise it is quite easy to see what wins.



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Yeah this build is a lot of fun. I found Eth Destruction works best for me over Eth Infinity and the Famine/Phoenix combo .

Then I add the Rogue merc using Wrath bow, Eth Treachery armor and Eth Delerium helm.

I ended up cutting the act 3 merc because his damage boost isn't enough to keep me from dying. The Rogue does major crowd control PLUS decrepify for phys immunes. Chaos dual physical immunes were impossible without the rogue merc.

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... does the character screen accurately reflect the damage of blade fury? ... I am wondering if the 2H weapons are just being dismissed prematurely without proper testing?
When wielding 2-Handed weapons, the BF 3/4 penalty increases to 3/8. This is widely known and has been confirmed throughout my testing many times over. What isn't widely known, however, is that the LCS will continue to display damage as though the penalty were 3/4. Do not trust your character screen!
I tested this quite thoroughly at the time. Your character screen is lying to you. The perceived damage increase you're experiencing is most likely due to the CB and reduced monster defense from Conviction.

Compare it against a high damage 1H weapon with a high % CB, and put Infinity on your merc. It'll probably be more effective than your Might + Pride merc.



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Yeah I actually am going with an Eth Superior Death Ettin Axe now, which has major deadly strike and CB, plus the Phoenix Shield. Merc has Eth Destruction Cryptic Axe. I think having cloak of shadows plus infinity is a bit of a waste. If I need to drop defense I can just cast cloak and focus on pure power. I'm thinking about switching to a more kick based build now though because I really like using dragon strike (teleport kick).

With the death axe I can use blade shield too and if I switch to mostly kicks I have the gear to run 75% crush blow and 90+% deadly strike, and be able to make use of it all with combined Teleport kick (dragon strike), into Regular kick (talon), then Blade fury if I don't want to teleport kick the ranged guys (1 skill point) and have Blade shield running.

This would let me use all the mods most effectively since only some spells use CB and others DS.


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imagine that, Arreat Summit contradicts itself:

that at least to me it seems to imply that the -def works for all monsters.
I linked to the Arreat Summit's recently created Bosses page for the convenience of a list of the bosses to which Cloak of Shadows does not apply -% Defence (it does apply to Super Unique, Unique and Champion monsters, although it doesn't blind them).

I know Cloak of Shadows doesn't apply -% Defence to the bosses listed on that page because I actually tested it before submitting the update which resulted in that page's creation on 1 March this year (which is still visible on the AS News page).

I have no idea when the Shadow Disciplines page was last updated.



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Long time reader, 1st time poster.

This question has probably already been answered but if I'm using 2 claws does off-hand weapon %ed affect BF? and will CM count again for my second claw?


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The secondary claw's % Enhanced Damage does not apply to the primary claw's damage, and Claw Mastery's bonuses only apply to the primary claw, since that is the claw being used to attack.

Due to a bug, Claw Mastery's +% Attack Rating doesn't apply when using Blade Fury.


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I struggled understanding how best to exploit Blade Fury and finally built what I feel is a thoroughly-reliable version. It's not as much a guide as a blueprint for the exploitation with some "why's and wherefor's" thrown in to help explain the decisions.

First off, I yielded the Critical Strike potential since I don't use a claw. Why? I stick only with Ignore Target's Defense weapons and ignore AR totally. It frees up the dexterity allocation (to focus on strength/vitality) and inventment in skill mastery (saves 20 skill points right there).

The first ITD weapon I used was the Skewer of Krintiz, a low-level unique sabre that does light damage but, once socketed, can rock. Remember that the high attack rate of BF multiplies minimal damage fast enough to keep up with the heal rates. It can also be upgraded to Shamshir and finally Elegant versions but well before the elite, you'll be using ITD rune words, so I started cubing all low-level runes like crazy and collecting upgrade gems in parallel in preparation of the boon beginning at Level 47, somewhere around mid-Nightmare.

There are three mundane weapons to begin collecting for socketing: 1H axes/1H swords and warhammers. My preference is the hammer because of the advantage vs. undead types but all 3 work very well. My ultimate goal is the elites Legendary Mallet and Berzerker Axe. Weapon speed stats mean nothing so just ignore them. Use the socketing recipe to produce the number you need (the prescriptions follow below). Ethereal versions would be IDEAL but, TBH, I have yet to find those versions for the elite weapons-of-choice. But keep looking. You never know. Here is my weapon progression:

Level 1 to 46 (add one socket ea): Skewer of Krintiz, Spineripper, Heartcarver, Zakarum's Hand
Level 47 to 64: 3-sock Crescent Moon axe or sword
Level 65 and beyond: 4-sock Famine axe or hammer

I'll keep the Crescent Moon on a switch until Lightning immunes begin to become a problem (the Static Field OnStrike is extremely effective vs. all others at high attack rate) then change the switch weapon to any Call to Arms (5-sock) just for the barb pre-buff party boosts.

The best combination I've found is a Famine Legendary Mallet, normal or ethereal, as the primary weapon. BF will not erode eth weapons, but BEWARE!... Blade Shield will! So I will avoid BS if I have ethereal equipped (but like I stated earlier, haven't found the elusive eth versions yet).

My total damage, counting the elemental charms, gear enhancements and high-strength (well over 250) is around 3000 max. Multiply that base by 6 FPS and it will kill high HP monsters incredibly fast. In seconds.

Now to skills. Really easy to do this part.

All prereqs at 1. I usually allocate 3 to Burst of Speed initially but respec back to 1 once enough +skills gear has been accrued. I like Cloak of Shadows to stay at minimum so that I can spam it faster vs. artillery attacks with the shorter cool-down. I use Death Sentry to scout forward but Lightning Sentry might be less expensive, mana-wise, but I just don't quickslot it.

#1 - Blade Fury: MAXIMUM. Why? It's harder to steal mana for (almost quadruple the mana cost of Level 1 BF) but more than compensates for the BF damage penalty. Trust me. You really want to max this and will notice immediately the difference between the "1-point wonders" and an ultimate BF exploit.

#2 - Death Sentry: MAXIMUM. Why? The lightning damage is totally incidental because there are so many light immunes. But... in Hell, 40-80% corpse explosion is HUGE!

#3: Wake of Inferno: MAXIMUM. Why? So many lightning immunes. Set a cluster of 5 in the midst of a tight mob or around a boss that is not fire-immune and it does sap health to make kills go faster. The range means little since you'll set them almost on top of the target anyway.

#4 - Shadow Master: (gulp!) MAXIMUM. A decent tank. Not near as bullet-proof as the Valkyrie and buggy as hell (seems to go *poof* for no apparent reason). Plus, it has the uncanny ability to mind-control monsters behind you while your toon is attacking forward so that when the mind-control wears off, you get flanked by the fresh, small army. But SM is the best the assassin class has to offer so you get what you paid for.

#5 - Blade Shield: 1 to MAXIMUM. Just be careful about the corrosive effect on ethereal weapons. A BF assassin should have little opportunity to employ the effects of BS because it is an artillery build. Getting hit by melee attack should be shear accident and avoided under normal combat encounters.

----> Any SPARE points put into Fire Blast in groups of 3 to add to the Death Sentry shot total. And that's about all you need to dominate through Hell Baal.

My stats just split between strength and vitality. I decided to limit dexterity to just the base needed for the weapon and ignore blocking altogether. I tried both spreads and feel that more damage and larger health soak seemed more valuable overall for an artillery build like the BF. With my playstyle, my toon is moving constantly to avoid ranged attacks so my relying on blocking is impractical. Your own playstyle may dictate a higher investment in dexterity/blocking, though. There will be a cost to split out stats that thinly, however.

Bottom line is that I can get very near the +skills cap (30) without using claws. Since the maximum sockets a claw can contain is 3 and the weapon class restriction added to that factor, it precludes access to excellent (and necessary) runewords that contain ITD, an essential factor in making this build work. If you happen to find one of the unique claws like Bartuc's or Firelizard, you could sock them with a Jah, but depending on that is a total crap shoot. Besides, a claw will never approach the damage output of a Legendary Mallet and both will attack at the exact same speed. It's your choice. All I can report is what does work and what recipe depends less on luck than other methods.

Hope this helps aspiring Blade Fury exploiters. ;)


I used an ethereal Fleshripper for my furysin. Crushing blow, reduce target defense, open wounds, deadly strike, prevent monster heal, slow target - not a bad stat in the lot.

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Very happy I have found this thread; it has been immensely helpful for a certain theme-based assassin I have. It's an assassin that needs to rely on physical damage for most of her monster slaying. Although I have not read all the pages, I have a general question about gear and BF.

Is this build feasible without the heap of high-end rune words and +40% ED jewels? The character is single player; it will be a single pass play style, so no rerunning areas, and (mostly) self-found. I like Noodle's suggestion of the Flesh Ripper, and maybe I'll be lucky enough to find one on my play through. There are other ways to get items with the nice melee mods (ITD, CB, DS, etc), so I'm not too concerned about that. But without all the off-weapon ED from Fortitude and Giant Skull and other rare items, will she still be able to kill in Hell?

It also sounds like using a claw weapon and maxing CM is preferred, especially for a scenario like this when you don't have an eBotD zerker axe on hand.


I'll bet you could finish the game with a Black runeword and a Holy Freeze merc, without any elite gear. It would be slow going if you didn't max Death Sentry, but the crowd control with Cloak of Shadows and Mind Blast should keep you nice and safe.


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Sorry for digging such an old post.

I have been trying to create a new thread to avoid such action but the AI keeps on telling me that there's spam/inappropiate content that preventing me from making a new post, so I have no other choice but to reply here.

This is in regard to the dual-claws setup

Damage = ((Weapon_Damage + Offweapon_Damage) * (1 + StatsBonus + (+x% Enhanced_Damage) / 100) + Elemental_Damage) * 0.75 + BF_Damage * (1 + StatsBonus + (+x% Enhanced_Damage) / 100)

in the first part of the formula, it indicates that (Weapon Damage + Offweapon_Damage)

Does it mean Main hand weapon + Off hand weapon? (2 claws equipped)

Also, I keep seeing that he has mentioned the statsbonus is 1.87, where can I find that number? I can't seem to be able to find any detail in regards to that. and it looks like 1.87 is for claws only? What if I use an axe, would the statsbonus be the same?