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BiS for multishot build now? :)

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by jordan reed, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. jordan reed

    jordan reed Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 19, 2015
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    Back into d3 from awhile ago and loving it!
    Would honestly appreciate any help for starting back up on what's best for this new multishot build I see a lot of people rolling around with.
    I will say I have mostly cold % on my gear and have a few good things I will list if it helps at all!
    A really good Ancient dawn
    A 2500 17% Etrayu
    A very good Nats Slayer
    Focus and Restraint set
    A very good Seething quiver w/4 chakram
    A pretty good rutsack with 15% sentry on it ( this can change )
    I can always switch elements, or grind for more stuff...
    I would just appreciate any advice getting me started here...
    I can roll t5 pretty smoothly but would like to up that to t6 smoothly as well.
    Note: I am not playing season atm, so DML is out of question, for now anyways.
    Any any help is appreciated, gems, items, etc..
    Using cold chakram, cold multishot build, with 6 piece Mauarader and FnR set.

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