Binding things to mouse buttons!


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Binding things to mouse buttons!

Hey I recently came back to Diablo 2 and I could have sworn there was a function allowing key binding to mouse buttons. So I fiddled around a bit and found a solution.

For my case, I have a Razer Deathadder. I downloaded the latest drivers for it and installed them. Next I opened up the razer control panel and clicked the thumb mouse button to switch what it did, I clicked advanced functions. When I did that, it popped a new window out from the side and asked what I wanted to do, single-key or macro, I left it alone at single-key and hit Left Ctrl (you can hit left alt since that's default for show items on the ground, but I used ctrl as my ventrilo push to talk key is alt). Clicked apply on the main interface, and closed out the window.. bam, it started working. Hope this helped!:thumbup:


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Re: Binding things to mouse buttons!

I suppose it'd help anyone that has a Razer Deathadder...

Many advanced mice do have software, but its unique to and varies from mouse to mouse.

AutoHotkey will let you remap your mouse buttons, with much more versatility, with any mouse. Incidentally, the game does recognize some of the less exotic mouse clicks and lets you map them. I have "show items" mapped to my middle mouse button (when I press my scroll wheel) without resorting to reassigning it via software.

Be careful when using any 3rd party software, though...I'm pretty sure remapping your mouse buttons is OK in this forum, but if you start writing macros for keys, you're sailing towards the dangerous waters of the Sea of Ban.