Bill Gates = Basil Fawlty?

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Bill Gates = Basil Fawlty?

OK, in all fairness, the article says that Issy Sharpe will still run the Four Seasons Hotel chain, with Gates being a major shareholder. However...

Will the Four Seasons Windows still offer it's guests a beautiful Vista to enjoy? (I kill me!)

Will guests step into an elevator only to have the elevator ask them to step out, re-enter, and try selecting their floor again?

Will all hotel telephones have the numbers of other hotel chains blocked?

Will room service be slow and lethargic? How often will they bring you something you didn't order? How often will they lose your order altogether?

I'm sorry, but picking on Bill is too easy.

Puck Nutty

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What if the hotel staff offers you a service you do not need or want? Are you forced to take it anyway?

Staff: Shoeshine, sir?

Customer: No, thanks.

Staff: Sir, you don't understand, all visitors to the Four Seasons are required to have their shoes shined by our staff. Not to mention the mandatory coat check and de-lousing. Don't make us restrain you...

Unfortunately, even though some educated travelers will be able to avoid using these services, they will be charged for them, regardless.


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Aw, do you have to be, like, fair and reasonable?

You're no fun.
Over-abuse of M$FT is a contradiction in terms. Bordering on an oxymoron.

And it has been too long since I've watched Fawlty Towers, else I'd be able to come up with something about Vista licensing not allowing performance benchmarks.



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*prays that the 'blue screen of death' is replaced with 'basket of happy puppies' in this ver of windows*