[Guide] Big D Kills Me In 1 Hit - HELP


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I have tried multiple times to kill big D but he keeps owning me. I summon crows, dire wolves, poison creeper and heart of wolverine, along with already having a merc, and they die in a matter of seconds. His fire blast (the steady jet of ire, no the ring) Just obliterates my whole team.

My stats are as follows:
Lvl 30 Summon/Elemental Druid
Str: 90 Attack: 118-176
Dex: 50 Attack Rating: 220
Vit: 55 Defense: 273
Ener: 40 Stamina: 143
Life: 183 Mana: 118
Fire Resistance: 63 Cold Resistance: 27
Lightening Res.: 8 Poison Resistance: 25

Ive been spamming hurricane and tornado, my tornado is at 5 and hurricane is at 1
I have a maul that does 41-65 and a crossbow that does 25-41

Crown - 62 + -25% Poison Length
Gothic Plate - 130 + 60% Fire Res.
Plated Belt - 14 + 10% Chance for Charged Bolt
Demonhide Gloves - 33 + 10% Poison Res.
Greaves - 20

Amulet - +5 Str. & +10% Poison Res.
Ring#1 - +10% Cast Rate , +20% Cold Res. , +8% Lightning Res.
Ring#2 - 6% Life Stolen/hit , Damage reduced by 2

I also have a buttload of charms.... here are the stats added up
2-9 Lightning Dam.
1-2 Fire Dam.
37 Poison Dam./3 Secs
Fire Res. +3%
Cold Res. +7%
+5 Life

My Merc is a lvl 30 act 2
Life: 435
Str: 93
Dex: 71
Dam: 63-189
Def: 514

Pike: 16-74
Crown: 57 & +10% Hit Recovery
Gothic Plate: 164

I'm ready to do some major character building in order to prepare for this fight the right way. Any items to look out for/invest in? Any particular skills to invest in? Im stumped here. Any help is appreciated!


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Normal Diablo can be one of the most dangerous enemies, especially for characters without twinked equipment. There are a lot of things you might try...

When you say his fire blast, are you talking about his fire that trails along the ground or are you talking about a pinkish stream of plasma he throws at you? Both attacks do a lot of damage, but they're very different. The fire that trails along the ground is pretty easy to dodge. The pink stuff is a bit trickier, but he telegraphs the attack before using it, so you can learn to watch for him setting it up. It also cannot hit you if you're in melee with him, although as an elemental druid that may not be a desirable way to avoid the attack. The pink attack does lightning damage, not fire, so your low lightning resistance could make that problematic. However, both of those attacks also do physical damage, so you're not going to be able to tank them at this point anyway. You could get more lightning resistance to cut some of his ranged damage, but it probably wouldn't help much.

If I remember correctly, he doesn't actually damage the druid's ravens. They expire on their own once they attack enemies enough times. However, this doesn't matter becauses ravens do almost no damage and their blinding attack doesn't affect Diablo.

Heart of the Wolverine and Poison Creeper are probably just dead. If he lands attacks on any vines or spirits, they're liable to blow up. Nothing you can do about that.

Normal Diablo has no physical resistance, so your Tornado should damage him nicely. He'll resist Hurricane somewhat. If you can get him distracted with a pet or mercenary, you can throw tornadoes at him. It'll take a while, but he doesn't regenerate health, so chipping away slowly is fine.

Bring a lot of potions. They might help. You could make your mercenary drink potions too if you think it'll help, but that's probably not a good idea if your mercenary doesn't have a good weapon, as you'd just be wasting all your gold paying Tyrael to bring him back.

Grizzly Bear will last longer against him than wolves.

You could get Spirit of Barbs and resummon it whenever it dies. If you get Diablo to attack your Grizzly, he'll keep hurting himself through Spirit of Barbs. Since his melee attacks hit pretty hard, he'll actually hurt himself quite a bit, and you can help him along with Tornado. You'll have probably have to resummon Spirit of Barbs and Grizzly Bear a lot, so that'll require some potions, but it's probably the easiest way to kill Normal Diablo with a druid.

The Amplify Damage curse will make your tornadoes and twisters do way more damage and there are items that can proc it or cast it with charges, but you don't really need it.

I wouldn't bother hitting him with a maul. It's too slow.

Don't make town portals anywhere near him. You can hit and run against him all day. He won't chase you past a certain point if you get far away enough from the inner potion of the Chaos Sanctuary. But if you try to make a town portal in his general vicinity, he'll summon his bone prison to keep you from reaching it. Unless you can break out of it very quickly, you're dead meat.

Gaining more levels and getting better equipment would help, but that could take a lot more time. Your build is already all over the place and you'll probably want to respec if you intend to go into Nightmare. My suggestion would be to use Grizzly Bear and Spirit of Barbs. In higher difficulties, Spirit of Barbs is virtually useless, but it's a passable Diablo-killer in Normal difficulty.


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I second Namtar in that you should apply hit and run tactics for Diablo. Both the red lightning and the the trailing fire on the ground do loads of damage (compared to your life at this stage) and neither should hit you especially hard if you are on your toes and move away from them. The fire nova will hit you though and might force you to drink potions and occasionally go to town to restock and replenish life. Keep running in circles around Diablo and cast tornadoes when he is not casting anything and you'll eventually win the fight. Having hurricane up might help too if you are close enough, mostly because the cold will slow him a bit.

In order to make avoiding his big hitting attacks easier, you should get new boots. Any with +20 faster run are good enough, if you happen to get some with lightning or fire res, all the better. Easiest way to find them at this stage is probably to gamble boots. I'd also swap that useless maul you are using for a shield (and a onehander that probably won't matter at all until you've beaten Diablo unless you're lucky with what you find). Get a 3-socket shield of any kind (kite shields are best, but any 3 socket shield will do) and fill it up with diamonds of the highest quality you have. This will help you some with both lightning and fire res. The helmet you're using is pretty useless for you. I suggest you get any 2socket one (can be shopped in act 1 or 2) and fill it up with rubies or if you have any ort or ral runes you can use them to max out light or fire res.

If you do this you will have what you need (and probably a bit more) to beat Diablo, but still don't expect it to be a fast fight. Sometimes when I play untwinked characters, killing him takes half an hour or more of running in circles and hitting once in a while when he's not casting his nasty abilities.


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This is a great guide. I like how you turn everything on its head and suggest strategies for dying. When Diablo says, "Not even death can save you from me" you boldly retort " oh yeah?" I particularly like your multiprong approach where you focus on every kind of attack and skill and use them flacidly instead of developing any particular skill to the point that it's useful.

Just kidding.

Alright I have a couple of tips. That corner right up above Diablo that points down at his stage, you hide behind the little walls sticking out if you ever need a breather. His red fire hose is actually half lightning half physical. It's best if you just get the heck out of there. So wear some fast boots. Do you have any runes? There are some decent runeworda for low levels. You can do countess runs, she drops up to Ral, but hephaesto the armorer might be better since he can also get you other drops and exp. Stealth body armor (TalEth) gives you frw, fcr, and mdr, which is great against his lightning hose. Steel sword (TirEl) gives you 50% open wounds. When this takes effect you can just play a waiting game. As long as you''re around him he'll slowly leak life. Let your summons pick away at him while you hide. He'll eventually die.


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I particularly like your multiprong approach where you focus on every kind of attack and skill and use them flacidly instead of developing any particular skill to the point that it's useful.
I also did this when I was new to the game. To be fair, it's also what the official strategy guide endorses. I still have that lying around somewhere. I should dig it up for laughs.