Best weapons for a Throwing Barb?


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Best weapons for a Throwing Barb?

The build is simple, max throwing mastery, max frenzy, max double swing, 1 pt in double throw..

Going for max dmg I'm thinking either dual eth lacerators or eth lacerator + gimmershred or eth lacerator + eth gargoyle's bite.. any other suggestions?


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I'd do the Lacerator/Gimmers combo, as theyhave mods that compliment each other very well...dual of either will only stack mods you already have.

FYI...for a Throwbarb...I'd consider wearing a Razortail belt for the chance to Pierce, as throw weapons become a bit more effective if they can arc through serveral targets per throw. Try it...I did this with my SP Thrower, and it definitely helped.



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K-Lined said:
Just for charging up the attack / run speed :)
I don't think max is justified as you won't be able to hit consistantly in hell with Frezny and the +ar from DT really helps when throwing