Best weapon for Merc Infinity?


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havent read this whole thread but i just made an infinity in a eth sup CV 8%ED and i did it in a CV for the sole reason thats the one i got my hands on.
my merc rarely get to attack unless im lagging or idling. my light sorc takes care of almost anything in one CL and if not one lightning does.


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Re: Best weapon for Merc Infinity?

Any top end Eth with the right # sockets is good (but some are harder to come by) as the speed to damage balances out in the long run.
I like the faster hitting ones best because of the lower requirements and the ability to proc chance to cast more often.

Then again if you drag him around and he does not hit that often the big stick is better as more per hit once you throw all the str on him thats needed.

HC= hang back and let merc kill more so faster hitting is better, SC is more on the get one for other effects and the occasional big hit.

How did I end up even seeing this let alone bumping it?


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Just made yesterday an Infinity in an ethereal thresher. Should I use a 15%ias jewel on my Andy visage to get best breakpoint?


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I would rather counter Andy's fire res penalty with a Ral rune. Of course, a fire res/IAS jewel would be optimum, but I would use such a rare jewel on an ethereal Andy's only.