best way to deal with LI on a LF javazon?


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best way to deal with LI on a LF javazon?

I'm building a hardcore LF javazon right now, and am wondering what the best weapon switch for LI monsters is. Would it be effective to get a decent bow and put one point into guided arrow and the bow tree prerequisites, and switch to that for LI monsters and bosses? LF is also sucking up my mana really quick when it's just 1-2 monsters, so I thought a bow might help that as well. If so, which bow should I shoot for?


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yup. I have the same problem right now in hell with my LF with the undead in act 1. I switch to plague javalin and it takes too dang long for the poison to work. On the switch, I use Gargoyle Bite Harpoon (give a little more poison damage)
Thank you
John B.


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Don't need a switch... just get a Might Merc and Jab away.

Switching to a Bow to take out lightning immunes would require anywhere between ~30 and 40+ skill points (Strafe+Penetrate or FreezingArrow+ColdArrow). The FA option probably isn't the best for you since you've already got mana issues. Without a decent Bow, the Strafe option is going to be pretty weak. Neither of those options sound very good to me.

Plague/Poison might be worth looking into, although I'm not a fan of tossing a jav and then waiting around for things to die. I guess you could combine the poison with a little Jabbing.

If you're plagued by mana issues just put an 'Insight' on your Merc.


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I agree with PhatTrumpet on this.

A might merc helps. I try really hard to equip my merc with a weapon that does as many diffrent types of damage as possible. Which ever merc that is. I've been experimenting with Rouge mercs, too. A 4 socketed fast bow with all diffrent Perfect Gems does wonders. There's nothing she can't kill (eventually). A High damage weapon socketed with fire, cold, poison, and lightning gems/runes/jewels. usually does the trick. I also have the valk out there, she helps a bit, too.

The LI's are a pain, indeed, but I really hate the Stone skin LI/PI ones with Fanatacism auras, or the ones with conviction that are MS/LE. Big Fun.:shocked:


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as phattrumpet pointed out with a bow you wont be able to do it as a one pointer.

a bunch of LI bosses will be Phys immue too. i still prefer and recomend demon limb enchants. no switching mid battle just jab away.

for mana troubles on one to two monsters just pot or get more leech. how much do you have? mana per kill is great with a screen full of monsters to kill, but wont do anything vs 1-2. a lot of LI's arent as leechable either so pots are inorder with them as well.


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At the moment I use a upped WitchWild String (with 2xshael) for both LI and PI monsters and no skills in bow tree . Normal attack with wws=fires lvl20 magic arrow.

As im poor, this works out for me.