Best way to beat barbs pvp with fury druid?


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Best way to beat barbs pvp with fury druid?

They just ww till you die, they have so much health, block and def so hitting them before you get into hit recovery from their ww does little. As long as they have botd they seem invincible.

So what's my best hope of beating one?


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VS barbs i usually use:

Cerberus bite 4+/115%AR (shaeled)
Upped 1444 def shaft (shaeled)
Angelic ammy
Angelic ring x2 or 1 raven
War travs which i'm replcing with gore riders really soon
Bloodfist gloves
11/36 verdungos
As for weapons i have the following:
Shaeled death cleaver
Tomb reaver 2x shael 1x eth
Gris weapon 3 sock 3x shael

And a whole bunch of charms.


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Well, for starters, damage reduced is now capped at 50%, so with stormshield and verdungo´s you stand at 46% out of 50%, i would think that it is enough, after that you could then change your shaftstop for something more usefull (if you want to you could remake your character with that in mind and use a enigma armor in order to use a lot less strength in total and that way you will end up with more life)... that is just a starter :)


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Soon as i can afford enigma, i'll do that.

I use shaft, SS and verdungos as when i use tomb reaver i'd still like to stay high up on the DR.


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Whats your level and AR?

Barbs problem (for dru) is their high def, decent ones are usually over 20k def, so you will ned to be high level and have +20k ar for the chance to hit...having good def should help also though a ww druid cant get it that high.


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Problem Solved

Heres 3 ways:

If the barb wont duel u in a respective manner, or ur jussed p!ssed off, stack some poison. When the barb ww's, step aside, and run behind. Fury him when he stops, though, he will probably hit u in his next ww. Who cares, run around dodgin his ww's until the psn takes its toll, then one hit for the kill. Another good idea is to have some decent run/walk so u can "walk" around to have 75% block.

Use the imfamous 32020. These things help so much, i cant put it to words. Life, Dmg, and that Vital Attack Rating All In One. Depending on how fast u attack, and the barbs hp, u could have him stun locked no prob. If not, Charge up that feral rage for the life leech/speed bonuses, then go fury.

The 1337 Cheapness:
Dracs Grasp or a magik wand provides lifetap charges. They work wonders try em out. But be careful, he can do the same thing. Maybe a good thing to do when those "newbs" nk and steal ur gold. Leave, come back, life tap and own. Then leave with a gg thx pwnt or a ownt newb, it always seems to get the fanatics :p lol


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get high life (8k or more) and a range 5 high damage weapon.
get 50 dr

click lock at him. occasionally use shift fury.

it works %75 of time.

if you face a good opponent, it is a 'who makes more mistakes' fight.
try to run ahead of him, and when he gets close to you (you should have less then or equal amount of run/walk on you) shift fury. If you do this at the right time, you would eventually get him while running (because of the mechanics of the game).
rinse and repeat.


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My suggestion, get a 4 frame range 3 1 hand weap (95ias robo-zerker for example). Keep walk on when the barb ww's at you step a side and follow him, attempting to catch him at the end of his ww.

Also you can try shift furying them as they ww by.

Standing in a corrner works, but if the barb knows what he's doing its not a good idea.