Best videos on the internet


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Best videos on the internet

I know I've missed a few, but these are probably my favorites.

I linked mostly to YouTube versions because they load quickly; I wouldn't save videos from there unless I couldn't find them anywhere else because of the poor quality, though.

Icon's Story
All Your Base
Numa Numa
Shii's song
Ebaumsworld (swearing)

Nike soccer: Good vs Evil
Nike soccer: Brazil vs Portugal
"I'm Batman"
Tortuga commercial 1
Tortuga commercial 2
Superbowl 2005: tribute
Ikea: lamp
Radio Donna: dumped
Britney Spears: World Cup
Britney, Pink, and Beyonce: We Will Rock You

Robin Williams on golf (swearing)
Cat fight
Onion moon landing (swearing)
Voltron gets served
Christmas lights
Barats and Bereta: Mother's Day
Canon in D on electric guitar

All the Celebrity Jeopardy's, especially the early ones, but I'm not going to link to each one.

#5: Breakdancing
#4: Bomb Saddam
#3: Apple remix commercial
#2: This Wonderful Life (animated short movie)
#1: Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor: SNL word association (racial slurs)


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I was totally astounded by the graphics in "This Wonderful Life". At first I didn't realize that it was animated.

Kudos to the creator.


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I thought the Voltron thing was going to be about the pokemon. But that was much more entertaining :eek:


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That Voltron thing was moderately funny, dragged on a bit long though.

"A lot" is two words. "Allot" is a totally different word, and "alot" isn't a word at all.
You spelled "stripes" wrong in that other post :hide:



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Bus Uncle.

Don't even ask me why I find it funny. It's stupid as hell but entertaining. Helps if you understand some Cantonese I guess.