Best use of perfect Kuko and colossus crossbow (+15%ED, +3AR, 6oS)?


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Best use of perfect Kuko and colossus crossbow (+15%ED, +3AR, 6oS)?

I just read a couple of threads about the unfortunate fate of Immolation Arrow and how the new runewords outshine Kuko Shakaku. I'm still going to upgrade the 180 I just got off of Stormtree while Lower Kurast hunting, if for no other reason but to have exceptional and elite Kukos when the season ends, but wonder what build it would be best on, even as a supplemental weapon.

Also, I've had this perfect dual-superior colossus crossbow in my possession for some time now, and I don't see anything short of a runeword working the best for it, yet only Silence and Breath of the Dying will apply here. I don't have a Zod, but I have all the other runes now and wonder if I should runeword it, wait for the rarest rune out there before the next season begins, or just trade it away.

Thanks for the input in advance.


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Enchantess can use Kuko well, just a thought.

New ladder season or not is irrevalent to making BOTD since it's not a ladder runeword.

I would make it if I were you, for style. But I won't expect it to be a particular effective weapon. I have a botd hydra, and I am not impressed.


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A BotD C Crossbow does upward of 400++ damage. It is quite slow though, you will need an additional 40 IAS to hit 3.5 frame Strafe. While you need another 80 IAS (Mav helm with ed/IAS jewel or 40/15 + Cat's Eye + Laying of Hands) to hit 12 frame MS.


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both Silence and BotD make very effective xbows. both do massive damage. tho i like the Silence collossus crossbow more because of the mods.

because crossbows are slow i like to make them as accurate as i can to channel all the damage.

i have tried Silence/BotD in a collossus crossbow, and Faith/Harmony in a gorgon crossbow. and found that making runewords in crossbows make very effective weapons.


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I have to say that Kuko is doing better for my zon (lvl44) than a Edge Razor bow. Although the Edge has a higher stated dmg, the Kuko seems to kill faster and as a strafer I never need to worry about mana with the Kuko.