Best Uniques in the game


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I just found a pair of Dracs, i know these are highly regarded by some as the best gloves in the game, it got me thinking i wanted to post something fun.
Lets see what everyones thinks are the best Uniques in the game going by category. Just Uniques no Set or runewords! Ill start.

Armor- Tyraels Might
1 handed weapon- Stormlash
2 handed weapon- Cranium Basher
Shields- Stormshield
Helms- Shako
Gloves- Draculs Grasp
Ring- Ravenfrost
Amulet- Maras Kaleidoscope
Belt- Arachnid Mesh
Boots- War Travellers


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You are sorely mistaken dear ;)

Armor - 08 Arkaines Valor, Vipermagi
Helm - Shako
Gloves - Dracs, Magefist
Ring - hehe, everyone knows this one!
Amulet -
Belt - Tgods
Boots - Wateralk
1h Weapon - Wizzardspike, Titans
2h Weapon - 08 Windforce


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Why no shield?!

Armor - Shaftstop
Shield - Storshield
Gloves - Magefists
Ring - Bul Kathos
Helm - Nightwings Veil
Amulet - Highlords
Belt - Tgods
Boots - Gore riders
1h weapon - Stormlash
2h weapon - Tomb reaver
Bow - Goldstrike arch
Charm - Gheeds
Jewel - Lightning Facet
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Armor - Duriel's Shell / Vipermagi
1 handed weapon - Stormlash / Wizzardspike

2 handed weapon - Reaper's Toll
Shields - Moser's
Helms - Rockstopper / Shako
Gloves - Lava Gout / Magefist
Ring - Ravenfrost
Amulet - Maras Kaleidoscope
Belt - String of Ears / Arachnid Mesh
Boots - Gore Rider / Silkweave
Bow - Witchwild / Buriza


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Nice thread. Interestingly I view set gloves as superior to uniques (Trang’s / LoH), also Guillaume’s Face for helm.

Armour - Eth. Guardian Angel
1 handed weapon - Death’s Fathom
2 handed weapon - Eth. Reaper's Toll
Shields - Stormshield
Helms - Shako
Gloves - Magefist
Ring - Ravenfrost
Amulet - Highlord’s Wrath
Belt - Arachnid Mesh
Boots - Gore Rider
Bow - Windforce

One pick per category! :p
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I hope that you don't mind, but I went more for my favourites/most useful, rather than the statistically best.

Armour - Duriel's Shell/Ethereal Guardian Angel - can't pick between them!
1 handed weapon - Schaefer's Hammer
2 handed weapon - Ethereal Tomb Reaver
Shields - Stormshield
Helms - Harlequin Crest
Gloves - Chance Guards
Ring - Ravenfrost
Amulet - Mara's Kaleidoscope
Belt - Arachnid Mesh
Boots - War Traveller's
Bow - Witchwild string


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Interesting to see how differently people value things :) I'll chime in!

When I had to choose between a general purpose "best for most characters" item and an "amazing or essential for certain characters" item, I chose the latter:

Armour - Viper
1 handed weapon - Death's Fathom (Death's Web extremely close second)
2 handed weapon (melee) - eth Reaper
Shields - Stormshield
Helms - Griffon's Eye
Gloves - Magefist
Ring - Ravenfrost
Amulet - Highlord's Wrath
Belt - Arachnid Mesh
Boots - War Travellers
Bow - Windforce

Overall, kind of really shows how awful unique 2h weapons and shields are. :)


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I know the OP was for overall best or preferred item per slot. But, I am having a hard time because I typically look at most items as bis for either melee or caster. It’s easy to just pile all the plus skills items together so some slots are If I want to go with something cool or useful.

Armor - SoVM
1 handed weapon - Death Cleaver
2 handed weapon - Tomb Reaver
Shield - Stormshield
Helm - Shako
Gloves - Dracul’s Grasp
Ring - BKWB
Amulet - Mara’s
Belt - Verdungo’s
Boots - War Travelers
Bow - Windforce

This will work after trying 5 or 6 times because of a pop up that keeps freezing the screen, that is only happening on this site. I am glad for the draft save at least.


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Armor - Guardian Angel
1 handed weapon - Stormlash
2 handed weapon - Tomb Reaver or Reaper's Toll, can't decide
Shield - Stormshield
Helm - Shako
Gloves - Dracul’s Grasp
Ring - None of them can compare with rares, but I have decide for one: SoJ
Amulet - Same as with rings, so: Mara’s Kaleidoscope
Belt - Thundergod's Vigor
Boots - Same as with rings, so: War Travelers
Bow - Windforce

Charm - Gheeds
There's just one, so it doesn't count, although you are technically right :)

Jewel - Lightning Facet

The most useful set: Sigon's. Slap it on any low-level character (well OK, not the weapon for missile characters) and you are set for all of normal mode. In classic, it would be pretty good quite a bit longer!


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Not sure I dig Tomb Reaver and Stormlash as 1 and 2 handed weapons. The clvl req is way too high: its usually game over before you get to use them. Gimme Ribby anyday (clvl 31 then 57 iirc for the Stalagmite version)


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criteria I'm using here:
-marginal advantage over other options, especially if they offer utility that's nonreplicable (including nonuniques)
-use in endgame builds for p8
-general purpose (i.e. not extremely niche uses such as Hotspur/Rising Sun for CS runs)
  • 1h melee: Without having done the math, my intuition is that nothing's close to Stormlash's combination of speed, crushing blow, and CtC Static. Death Cleaver and Schaefer's Hammer might be competitive, but neither really has an advantage over the runewords, whereas Stormlash at least does something better than those.
  • 1h caster: The general purpose options here all suffer in comparison to HotO. I think Death's Web is stronger for venomancers than Death's Fathom is for blizzsorcs, even if the latter's a better build overall.
  • 2h melee: The best answer is probably The Reaper's Toll, even if it's not something that's ever used on characters. I'd like to say Tomb Reaver, but the damage isn't really anything to write home about without a Zod in an ethereal one.
  • 2h caster: lol
  • armor: Vipermagi is the most competitive option I can think of. The physical options mostly pale in comparison to runewords, although Guardian Angel has a nice unique set of defensive mods.
  • helm: Shako is better for casters than anything unique for melee builds when Guillaume's Face exists.
  • shield: Stormshield's PDR is something that's still worth running it for in specific situations. Everything else is just filler in the face of Spirit besides maybe a couple of necro heads.
  • gloves: It's weird that the BIS item here for both casters and physicals are sets. Dracul's Grasp has a very strong unique effect, but I've never been impressed by its performance and virtually every physical build I've considered it on ends up with Laying of Hands instead. I think the grudging answer here is probably something like Chance Guards.
  • belt: Arachnid Mesh is far better for casters than String of Ears or Verdungo's or Nosferatu's Coil for physicals. Javazon/bowazon players might have a case for Razortail's pierce; I don't have enough experience with them.
  • boots: Gore Riders, by far. They offer a unique gigantic DPS increase for physical builds, and the only other real competition are War Travelers, which... don't really do anything if you're not playing an Avenger.
  • ring: Raven Frost offering CBF in addition to a bunch of other useful mods is incredible for physicals. I think it's comparatively a better item than SoJ for casters, with the caveat that the value of a second one drops quite a bit.
  • amulet: I don't understand the love for Mara's when it's just the equivalent of a decent rare amulet - its main draw is availability compared to gambling or crafting something nicer. Highlord's confers a unique physical DPS increase for almost every physical build (Atma's Scarab might have higher upside, but it's far less applicable).
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Armor - Duriel's Shell - too strong to be neglected (skin of the viper magi was my other choice)
1 handed weapon - Titan's Revenge - eth titans? yes please
2 handed weapon - Tomb Reaver - Never owned one but it looks so strong!
Shield - Herald of Zakarum - Best item in game imo
Helm - Shako - Second best item in game imo
Gloves - Chance Guards - uhu everyone is using these!!
Ring - SoJ - duh! (@GalaXyHaXz already said it)
Amulet - Mara’s Kaleidascope - the other duh!
Belt - Arachnid's mesh - i dont have one, i am still seeking one!
Boots - War Travelers - third duh
Bow - Windforce - too beautiful!
Charm - Anni - game breaking (litteraly!!!) charm - i know its online only but its just the strongest)
Jewel - Cold Facet - Make that DF even more schmexy!

I like this thread btw! :)


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No idea why people choose chance guards as best gloves? You can get high MF on magic and rare gloves aswell.


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The highest MF you can get from magic or rare gloves is 25%. Sure, you can get other useful mods with that, but if your goal is the maxing out your MF, then a pair of perfect 40% MF Chancies are your best option.