Best spots


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Best spots

What are some good spots for ammy's and rings that give +1 to skills and stuff.

Evrae Altana

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The only rings that give +skills are the Stone of Jordan and Bul-Kathos unique rings. The SoJ can drop from NM Andariel (but don't expect her to drop one any time soon), and the BK ring won't drop until much later in the game.


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Amulets with +2 to all <insert class> skills are ilvl 90 and can only drop from very few bosses such as baal hell, but they can also be gabled by high level chars.

Amulets with +3 to <insert skill tree> are ilvl 60? I think, not sure though... So they start dropping earlier...


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+3skilltab ilvl60 rlvl 45
+2skilltab ilvl40 rlvl 30
+1skilltab ilvl20 rlvl 15

See a pattern? ;)

Hell Andariel is by far the best target to find a Bul Khato's Wedding Band.
NM Andariel is by far the best target to find a Stone of Jordan. (Only in the expansion, for classic, go to Hell Andariel).