Best sorc mfer


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Best sorc mfer

Out of all the mfing sorcs (meteor, blizz, and lite) which sorc is the best for mfing. Now I know there will be different opinions, but I want to get a general consensus. Please give reasons why that sorc is the best too.

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If you by mfing mean killing bosses and most packs of monsters, I'd say a meteorb (meteor and frozen orb) sorc does it most effective overall.
Guide can be found in the sorceress forum!
The ability to cope with immunities is important!


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Since this topic comes up more than "when is the ladder season going to end?", there should be a special thread for it. Then everyone who likes reading the same thing over and over until their head explodes can go there


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Meteorber is cheap, easy to play, may carry a lot of mf and can go everywhere. Highend L/CL sorcs are usefull too.
I'm sure you can find a lot of info about mf build's in the sorc-forum


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Meteor orb is easy to play and can slap on the mf without too much worry.

Its not uncommon to find people using the 3 piece tal setup (ptopazed armor) with dual spirit/hoto spirit + shako (ptopaz) setup for higher end mf as well.

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I have tryed some MF builds through my time, and I would say that the best is a Light Sorc with complete Tal Rasha's set and Infinity merc, but they are not cheap. I can go any where in the game with no problems.

But for one who is just starting out, my vote still goes for a pure Blizzard sorch to kill Meph over and over again. There is a trick for that, so that you never get the Meph quest and always get the quest drop. There is a guide in the Sorc forum for that, or atealst I think it's there.


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I use a vitabuild lightsorc with enigma (because of str and other goodies) and infi merc.
Nearly 3k life and 1.3k mana (with bo) with only 12 spots from inventory taken and full resistances.
If there's a light immune unique, just tele on top of it and let merc finish it off, works everytime.


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Depends on what you want, like everything else. A dual-tree sorc can do the tunnels and find any unique or socketed item. A blizz sorc can do meph all day. A light sorc can run keys and get more profit over time than a magic finder. A fire sorc can go places a cold sorc can't.


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I used to run countess with my meterob. I just let my merc do the job. And he had some bad gear too.


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I use an orber, yes, straight orber, with the following setup:
pTopazed Skullders
pTopazed Shako
Lidless (Or Splendor, either are cheap and good)
Dual perfect Nagels
up'ed Goldwrap
37% mf, +resis all ammy
perfect War travs
Plus, most of an inventory full of +7 mf small charms.

Some of these things are pretty expensive, but the mfing pays for itself in a short time. I know that the build may be a bit weak in damage, and that I havn't reached the fcr breakpoint, but I can run Hell Meph, Andy, and Pindle just fine. Also, tombing, rushing, cowing, and baaling are easy.

If you want to go with an cheaper setup, I'd say meteorb or blizzballer like everyone else, though.


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Fully synergized infinity sorc can pull out waaay more dmg than gozu hammerz. Its just that at this level the dmg doesnt realy matter becuse you wipe any monster in the game with a single mouse click. So hammers become more effective because they keep swirling and hiting every target in a large area.