Best Sorc casting Boots


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Best Sorc casting Boots

Been looking around, and other than crafting some mana regen boots - doesn't appear to be much out there...anyone find/make any fantastic boots?


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I, personally, always use War Travelers. Since all my sorcs use full Tal's ( i don't like lightning, so I am content with Tal's ) i pack some nice MF ( around 300% ) without breaking a sweat.

It all depends on your needs. Generally,rare boots are a great slot to pick on some resists and some set and unique boots can give your more life/dexterity/strength.

And, of course there are these nice ole' Silkweaves :thumbsup: :

Defense: (112-130)
Required Strength:65
Required Level:36
200 Defense vs Missile
(150-190)% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 10%
30% Faster Run/Walk
+5 Mana After Each Kill

Other than that, beats me...

I second the motion of the thread creator. I, too, would like to know your opinion, guys.


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I'm more looking to see if anyone has come up with some interesting boots. Obviously there is no +skill or FCR, so maybe high resist, mana regen is the best. Been playing for a LONG time, and actually never really paid much attention to my footwear!


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The only affixes that can appear on rare and crafted ( beside fixed ) boots are:


Sturdy +10-30% Defense
Strong +31-40% Defense
Glorious +41-50% Defense
Blessed +51-65% Defense
Saintly +66-80% Defense
Holy +81-100% Defense
Godly +101-200% Defense

Faithful + (3 Per Character Level) 3-297 Defense / + (0.5 Per Character Level) 0.5-49.5 Defense (Based On Character Level)

Lizard's +1-5 to Mana
Serpent's +11-20 to Mana
Dragon's +31-40 to Mana

Glimmering +1 to Light Radius
Glowing +2 to Light Radius

Crimson Fire Resist +5-10
Russet Fire Resist +11-20%
Garnet Fire Resist +21-30%
Ruby Fire Resist +31-40%

Azure Cold Resist +5-10%
Lapis Cold Resist +11-20%
Cobalt Cold Resist +21-30%
Sapphire Cold Resist +31-40%

Tangerine Lightning Resist +5-10%
Ocher Lightning Resist +11-20%
Coral Lightning Resist +21-30%
Amber Lightning Resist +31-40%

Beryl Poison Resist +5-10%
Viridian Poison Resist +11-20%
Jade Poison Resist +21-30%
Emerald Poison Resist +31-40%

Rugged +5-20 to Max Stamina
Vigorous +21-30 to Max Stamina

Tireless Heal Stamina +25-50%


Dexterity +1-2 to Dexterity
Skill +3-5 to Dexterity
Accuracy +6-9 to Dexterity
Precision +10-15 to Dexterity

Shock Adds 1 Minimum and 6-8 Maximum Lightning Damage

Remedy Poison Length Reduced by 25%

Balance 10% Faster Hit Recovery

Wealth 41-80% Extra Gold From Monsters

Pacing 10% Faster Run/Walk
Haste 20% Faster Run/Walk
Speed 30% Faster Run/Walk

Warmth Half Freeze Duration

Self-Repair Repair Durability (3)
Fast Repair Repair Durability (5)

Chance 5-15% Better Chance of Getting Magic
Fortune 16-25% Better Chance of Getting Magic

of Charged Bolt Chance To Cast Charged Bolt
of Frost Shield Chance To Cast Frost Nova
of Nova Shield Chance To Cast Nova Shield

I have made this one a while ago, so feel free to double check it.

PS. I have too much time on my hands.

Edit: Added some ommited affixes


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Nice work. So I'm guessing that magic boots are out for sure. So then it's a matter of figuring out what different combos can be made with rare/unique boots. Maybe a monday morning project... :clap:


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Lazy_BerZerker said:
depends on what you mean e.g. I think that silkweawe provides 15% to maximum mana.
Silkweaves add 10% to maximum mana.

If a sorc has let's say 1000 mana, that would be +100 mana = 50 energy = 50 stat points more to invest elsewhere, except you have a no-energy sorc. However, for PvM, stats aren't that vital for a sorc and she won't have any problems anyway if she wears Tal's set (as already said), so my choice would be (and actually are) WT because of MF.


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krischan said:
If a sorc has let's say 1000 mana, that would be +100 mana = 50 energy = 50 stat points more to invest elsewhere, except you have a no-energy sorc.
That's too simple. +energy, +mana/Clvl and +energy/Clvl (doesn't appear anywhere tho) aren't boosted by +% mana, so in most cases a sorc with 1000 mana won't get +100 mana when wearing Silkweaves.


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RTB said:
That's too simple. +energy, +mana/Clvl and +energy/Clvl (doesn't appear anywhere tho) aren't boosted by +% mana, so in most cases a sorc with 1000 mana won't get +100 mana when wearing Silkweaves.
That's right. A sorc would need to have level + base energy = (1000-35)/2 = 483 to have 1000 mana and that would be an insane amount of stat points invested into energy.


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Incorrect, kris... as plain +mana items ARE boosted. So all of mana charms, and +mana from items (like trang's helmet) would count. Wearing trang's helmet instead of shako (although no one would do that) would make a huge difference.


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if my sorc dont have war travs, sandstorms, or hotspurs, i am using rare boots with 2-3 resist types and with other mods like fhr, plr, dex, ect


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So what I am getting from this is that people either use Silweave for mana boost or War Trav for MF. Pity - I was hoping to hear of something different, something good...but guess I'll stick with my WT's...but when I find those boots I want, I'll post it! :thumbsup:
tripple res boots: 30-40% to three different resist :eek: with other mods

Hotspurs: Very good fire resist and +to max fire resist

Aldurs boots: +life

Waterwalk: +to max fire resist +life +dex



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I have to agree with the triple res boots. Something like the following would be really nice.

Sapphire - Cold Resist +(31-40)%
Ruby - Fire Resist +(31-40)%
Amber - Lightning Resist +(31-40)%
of Speed - 30% Faster Run/Walk
of Fortune - (16-25)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
of Balance - 10% Faster Hit Recovery

Some other usefull mods for a caster could also be:
Emerald - Poison Resist +(31-40)%
Dragon's - +(31-40) to Mana
of Wealth - (41-80)% Extra Gold from Monster
of Remedy - Poison Length Reduced By 25%
of Accuracy - +(6-9) to Dexterity

And for a melee character there is also:
Godly - (101-200)% Enhanced Defense
of Warmth - Half Freeze Duration