best sorc build for Matron's Den?


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best sorc build for Matron's Den?

Hi guys, I need some advice on which single element sorceress + merc is the best, using the gears I currently have (no infinity, no griffon's or anything else requiring Ber/Jah...etc), for clearing Matron's Den, Lilith is for my smiter of course. The only purpose of this sorc will be to clear matron's den.

Builds I'm currently considering are: pure lightning, pure fire (fireball/meteor) or a more safty orientated pure fire (fireball/hydra). Cold is not considered as there are far too many cold immunes down there.

My smiter has no trouble killing Lilith, but finding her is often a slow and dangerous task. I honestly find those hell temptress/vile witch packs down there more deadly than Lilith or Uber Meph, they have high hp too, like 25000+, I want a sorc build that can bring them down fast.

sorc gears I have: full Tal, 35/12 vipermagi, shako, spider, stormshield, sanctuary troll nest, 29 mara, 4*SoJ, hoto, 2*-5/5 lvl light facet, -5/3 die light facet, -5/4 lvl fire facet, eth crescent moon dimentional blade

merc gears: eth 239/14 reaper's troll, eth obediance giant thresher, eth crescent moon CA, andy's, eth 12LL CoT, Leviathan 25%dr, 20/20 Gladiator's Bane, 39pdr circlet, eth GA, eth Skin of the Flayed One, eth 33/12 vipermagi, ebugged Duress GH, Delirium grand crown, 20%dr Gaze, 11%dr CoA
I have a BO/shout barb so no Cta is needed.


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Re: best sorc build for Matron's Den?

Regular monsters in MD are Hell Temptress (PhI), Vile Witch (CI), Flesh Hunter (LI), Dark Archer (LI), and Black Lancer (LI), according to the Wiki.

That seems to suggest that fire is your only single-element solution, barring Infinity.