Best solo classes and builds? (PvM)


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Best solo classes and builds? (PvM)

I've recently picked up and have really gotten into playing D2 again. I primarily play by myself and with a friend. I was wondering what classes and builds were best suited towards solo play? What classes and builds are best suited towards quick clears(area of affect)?

Right now I have these characters:

Fire/Summoning Druid
Lightning Trapsin Assassin
Lightning/Frost Orb Sorc
Whirlwind Barbarian
and Hammerdin Paladin

I haven't really gotten into the power gaming aspect of D2, but it does interest me. Thanks for any help.


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I would say Amazon with Mavina set:

multi shoot can clear a group of monster
guided bow for boss killing
with the set, you would not worry about physical immute monster
act 2 offence mencenaries power up attacking power
with valkyrie (not sure how to spell it) as your tank, not even the 3 prime evil can stop you!

just one thing, the killing may takes some time, that is all


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I'd go with a Bone/Summon hybrid necro as u dun need uber stuff :p Like you i picked up the game again after a LOOONG time and had jack items! If you gonna play ladder theres some really cheap yet effective runewords available and with this necro i magicfind anywhere in hell with ease/safety. If you wish to know more on how poor/returning players can item run with the necromancer read my guide 'The Bony Magicfinder v1.10' at the Necromancer Forum :D Hoped i help and happy playing/mf!


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I like my Skelemancer (aka summon necro)). Out of the box he might have minor issues with hard PI monsters (those that Amp doesn't break), but this can be dealt with using either gear or patience.

He qualifies as "good solo class" since there is nothing in the game he can't handle --- even Maggots Lair: it's the worst area for a Skelemancer, but if you don't insist on running the same old routine everywhere you can change your modus operandi a bit to adjust.

I'm also using him for rushes (well, I use him for everything, including dclone), although if I know or have to expect that I'll be the only one doing any work I limit the games to 4 or 5 players: monster hitpoints scale up, but neither skeleton damage nor corpse explosion damage do, and corpses don't just appear out of nowhere to be exploded.

Worst case scenario for my version of the skelemancer is a hard PI (amp = no use) fire immune with lots of hitpoints --- takes a while to whittle him down. Haven't seen a lot of these, though.

Someone going the bone hybrid route will have even fewer worst cases --- for them it would be hard PI/magic immune, which is even less common. However, such a hybrid won't have mages, so such a boss would probably be unkillable., unless you can provide a weapon with sufficient elemental damage for the merc.


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Myrakh-2 has a good point - PI/Magic Immune monsters are the worst nightmare for bone/summon mf necro but yes they are extremely rare but if one really insists on killing them it is possible with these tactics:

1) With max skelly mastery and a point in mages with +skills a bone/summon necro could summon some mages.

2) With a point in Iron Golem one could make an IG outta a weapon with the 'Arching' prefix for high lightning dmg

3) Revive a elemental attack monster like darklords, etc then cast Lower Resist

4) Cast 'Attract' to nearby monsters (normal ones) and hopefully this pesky monster and others will leave a near mound of corpses.

5) Cast CE - this pesky monster may be PI but will still take the fire dmg component from CE and with Lower Resist it only enhances it hehe

Personally though i item run with bone/summon necro and there was only once i had to think how to deal with such a monster but good point Myrakh-2 :D


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I have to put in a word for the Strafazon. Can easily solo hell with -70 to all resists. The maxed Valk hardly ever dies and my character never gets a melee hit. I use slow missles for the ranged attackers/gloams, and can walk around the arrows/lightning bolts. The only problem is she is relatively equipment dependent, is why I had my sorceress MF for her in NM, then traded up for the items I needed.

My Fortitude armor and might merc give her 4.3K max dmg per arrow, and she can fire at 8/2 FPS level with her windforce. :thumbsup: Throw on a set of LOH gloves and all the hell demons turn into one hit wonders. On pit runs, I can clear a campground of demons with a maximum of 2 strafe volleys. Simple weapon switch for PI's with my merc carrying Reapers takes care of them nicely.


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I think the meteorb sorc is a nice and easy character to play in solo even without uber-gear. I really enjoy playing mine and she solos well up until hell act2/3 even though she is untwinked. (as for the last 2 acts...she can solo hellforge but has a hard time in act5 in general). Hell countess runs might be a problem if you don't have a good merc, but you already got a lightning sorc for that.
Or you could try a martial 'sin. They are not necesseraly powerful, but they are fun, since they require quite a bit of skill to play compared to your average melee char. (and with FoF/CoT can hurt almost anything, which is an important factor in solo)