Best Socket for The Reaper's Toll


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Best Socket for The Reaper's Toll

I've found a The Reaper's Toll and give it to my HF Merc... Uau what a nice weapon :) 33% chance to cast decrepify is amazing.

What is the best thing to socket The Reaper's Toll for Merc use.

+ 15 IAS + 13 Resist all (Jewel)
+20 IAS
+ Damage
+ LL

For the Merc setup i'm thinking about is:

The Reaper's Toll (???)
Skullder's Ire - Russet Armor (PTopaz)
Harlequin Crest - Shako (PTopaz)

I have other options for helms:
Andariel's Visage (For Mephisto)
Blackhorn's Face

Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

The Objective is MF :D

Give Some Opinions and ideas :)

Thanks for the help

[edit: i have a eth Bonehew 30Xed is it better then Reaper's Toll ?]


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Reaper's toll is better if your character benefits nicely from Decrepify (for necro or elemental builds Reaper's isn't so good). Your choice

I would put Amn to your Reaper's to make your merc more durable. Shael would be good option too.

But using Ist on merc gear is waste imo. Ist is so rare and merc doesn't get so many kills. And 30% more MF in those situations isn't that much...if you want MF on merc weapon give him Tomb Reaver


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Decrepify works nice in My Hammerdin merc:D.

The hammers deal magical damage right and the damage added by concentration is Magical too?

If this table is correct i have no real benefits from more IAS a Shael gives me 0,2 more attacks for second its not enought, i think i go for amm. :)

Character Mercenary - Act 2
Weapon Thresher / Drescher
Skill Jab
IAS Frames per attack Attacks per second
0 % 7.5 3.3
8 % 7 3.5
22 % 6.5 3.8
44 % 6 4.1
75 % 5.5 4.5
142 % 5 5

Ist are out of question in the merc weapon :D

Thanks for the help.