Best Smiter Equipment *NON LADDER*


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Best Smiter Equipment *NON LADDER*

Hey all,

I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the equipment set-up i have made here.

This is for mainly a SMITER for killing the 3 uber guys and dclone. I will also use this char to do some mf.


Armor: Enigma for mf (teleport), UBERS: Duress
Helm: Guillames Face (+15% ias socket jewel)
Shield: HoZ (Um'd)
Gloves: Dracul's (for lifetap)
Boots: Goreriders
Weapon: Beast
Rings: Raven Frost, NOT SURE YET
Ammy: Mara's or Highlords Wrath -- Depending on if i need IAS or RES.
Belt: Nosferatu Coil (+ 15% attack speed)

Switch: ?/CTA

end Stats:

IAS: 70%
CB: 85%

My Questions:

1. How much IAS do you need from your equipment to get MAX attack speed (Fant skill maxed).

2. Im not sure about my this the best for NON-LADDER.

3. What should i use for my other ring?

Note: This is for mainly a Smiter, looking for MAX attack speed, able to kill the 3 UBERS + dclone and able to MF a little bit (not amazingly obv)

****NON LADDER****

Please leave feedback! (If you think the equipment build sucks, post why, I am kinda new)


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Sounds okay.

Id use a enigma instead of duress. Teleporting is very handy when teleporting and name lock smite there.
Gores, Guillaume is enough cb IMO.

When i get boring duelling i kill some ubers for fun with my pvp smiter. All i do is prebuff fade:

20ias res gloves

Tele, namelock. wait wait wait tele namelock tele tele namelock pick up save and exit. gg

edit: this is not what he wears when pvp ^^

edit2!: What are you thinking of accomplishing with a beast? U dont need the aura coz ur a smiter. Grief would be best for the ias, get a pb one and use highlords ur get a phase blade one and use mara. 34+ias grief ofc

edit3: Smiters are boring with pvm. They dont like teleporing and they arent crowd coockie cutters. You could ofc run Travi, pindle?, shenk eldrich.

Maybe with a merc using insight, you using arach, fcr with mana and energy ring you could tele to andy and mephi. Or even dont use a cta on switch(you dont need it for these weak bosses) and use a wizzie and a spririt on switch for fast teleporting lal. Nice combination with the merc, make it a holy freeze or might. He will already have big dmg and ias from your fana aura and also life tap for huge leech. Something like a coh and coa as gear would be nice.

You might even try for baal...

Youllf have enough mf from the enigma so gogogogogogo!


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Thanks for the reply, as for the beast, i thought Grief was only Ladder? maybe not....Thats what i thought i read...

My question still lies---- how much +ias on equipment do you need for max attackspeed? (fan maxd)


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Uhm a 34 grief BA would be enough if you got a extra 20 ias on ur equipment.
Grief 34 PB doesnt need extra ias from eq.

Grief is only ladder yes. Try to trade for one.