Best Rusher 4 HHF

Best Rusher 4 HHF

Whats best char designed to take out bosses and the crap inbetween?

I can rip through A1 easily with a sorc, but the damn snakes in claw viper and crowded space takes its toll. My hammerdin can't do the crowded space either. My sorc can also rip through mephisto, and diablo with my merc(gotta watch the IM)

and ancients are no problem cuz u can leech from em.

So pretty much, whats the best char for rushing act 2?


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i got a 85 fire sorc that can do act 2 with no prob at all ... when i rush i do acts 1-3 with her, it goes VERY fast, then i switch to my zon who can take D and Baal without a prob


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Teleport makes some acts so much faster, so I'd recommend a sorc for that. Skelemancers and hammerdins are other viable choices for area clears.


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jylegajylan said:
My hammerdin can't do the crowded space either.
You have 2 good options for tight places like the maggot lair with the hammerdin:

1) Use charge as a secondary skill. (Great because Vigor is a synergy for both BH and charge.)

2) Find a party and do tight areas as a group.

I suppose only option #1 would work for single player.


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if you consider an enigma, it's makes teleport accessible to all caracthers.

If this is something you takes into account. You wont beat an Hammerdin...
This is for Hell with him in a rush:

Act1... let's say 2-3 minutes if you received a phone call...
Act2... This is the only place that was long with an hammerdin, teleporting in maggots makes it done in 1 minute... Act2 is done FAST with hammerdin.
Act3... teleporting hammerdin will shows up in front of Meph as fast as the sorceress but will be teleporting to the chaos sanctuary before the sorc kill him... oh forgot to mentionned the High Council... LOL
Act4... with teleporting, the hammerdin will start in the middle of the chaos sanctuary only with the 3 ways to clear up... same as a sorceress. Who will win the race of killing speed? hey you bet :)

You get the point. If your question is what is really the best of the best rushing caracther: teleporting hammerdin. Only 1 high item (enigma) required...

Of course with all the best items in the game, a barb, zealot, etc would be as fast and all this is pointless :D
Well, I do rush's with my zealot in seriously 30 minutes. My zealot has about 1.5k life 15k armor and does 3k-6.5k dmg. He uses enigma and has wiz spike and lidless on w (faster teleport and more mana) All that I do is just tele to the places keeping one of my slots of pots in my belts as super mana pots. I can do act2 in about 7-10 minutes. The place that takes me the longest is act4 Diablo. Just clearing that hole area and the added risk of IM and dying just takes a while. so I'd say with my tele zealot I do act1 1-4 minutes, act2 7-10 minutes, act3 3-7 minutes (depends how far lvl 3 is), act4 10-15 minutes, and act5 5-10 minutes. It's not bad at all and I sometimes get a friend of mine to help so the rush's go like 4x faster. Cause they will just clear all of act4 for me while I am doing act1-3 and than its easy as cake. s:eek:)

xXINFESTEDXx if ya need a rush.


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My meteorb sorceress serves me quite well. She is very versatile and can handle jsut about any situation that comes to her. Granted a enigmadin is by far the better, but meteorb works for the ppl who cant afford the enigma. A good Holy Freeze merc is vital as well to make it easier on you. That way it will freeze down the cold immunes for ur killing.


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Anksun is right. The best rusher (or perhaps "all-around" character) will be a teleporting hammerdin. But since Enigma is one of the hardest items to get, a more viable option for rushing is to build multiple characters that can handle each Act with relative ease.

I can do rushes in hell mode in ~ 15-20 minutes, depending on what monsters I encounter. This is my strategy:

Act 1 - Meteor/FO Sorc
Act 2 - Meteor/FO Sorc, if I have problems with fire/cold immunes in the maggot's lair I bring in my Wind Druid or CONC barb
Act 3 - Hammerdin for Council, Meteor/FO Sorc for Mephi
Act 4 - use SORC to tele to Chaos Sanctuary, bring in Hammerdin
Act 5 - Ancients (Sorc to tele to Arreat's Summit), Hammerdin to Kill Ancients

On a case-per-case basis I would bring in my Bone Necro (1K teeth, 4K bone spirit) in the Maggot's Lair but that's only when my CONC Barb or Wind Druid are not getting the job done.

Of course I could always use my barb's Enigma on my hammerdin but my hammerdin would drop all his resists to 40'ish and I don't want that. My upgraded Skin of the Vipermagi enables me to have the 125% FCR breakpoint and 75 resists all in hell mode.

I tried rushing with my Barb and with only 200 mana teleing with Enigma becomes a big problem when you tele in the midst of mana burn creatures...


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My zealot does a great job, except in choas sanct. ofcourse and those im casting skeleton casters. Throw on an enigma and a wiz spike and he can tele around quite nicely, or if you dont have the enigma use something with tele charges, which is costly to recharge, or you can just run real fast.