Best rune drops (not including forge)


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Best rune drops (not including forge)

My rune drop luck has been incredible lately:

Vex a week ago from lvl 2 Pit chest.
Gul while completing Hell Den quest last nite.
Sol - Io : Mostly pits and Countess

Anyone else w/ similar fortunes?

Of course, my lack of mf finds recently has counteracted the rune luck. I guess I'd rather have a self-made Hoto over a found Hoz tho...

(BTW - made that HOTO. Came out 30%. Bah.)


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I got a vex on the way to the pits. From that chest that is always between the outer cloister doors and the ones that lead to the highlands. sort of just sat there struck dumb for a while. its by far the most valuable thing I've found on the ladder so far.


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I've only found 2 high runes (above um rune) since i play diablo 2;a cham from travincal minions one year ago and an ohm from a chest of the durance of hate at the end of last year;i have given up pit runs since i have never gotten anything good from the pit


countess dropped 2 vex within a week about 1 1/2 - 2 months back, since then the highest rune I've gotten anyplace is LEM. Seems I used up all my good rune carma


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I've found an Ohm from a Hell Bovine.
I've found a Jah in the Travincal.
I recently found Vex from a random monster in the pits.
I've found a couple Um's and Mal's... Can't remeber where. :scratch:
I believe that's all.

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a Um from the pit lvl2 chest is my second highest for 1.10
a Vex from a ice boar while fighting Nihlathak in NM for my highest.


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after 100 countess runs with 627 mf I found

30 - tir
21 - nef
18 - eth
3 - ith
13 - tal
10 - ral
9 - Ort
15 - Thul
4 - Amn
4 - Sol
6 - Shael
2 - Dol
1 - Hel
1 - Pul
1 - Um

I have found 2 mals, 4 other ums and countless ones below.

also found a vex on a baal run.

thats all I got.


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my best drops are 2 ohm's, 1 last week from pit, 1 from pindle pre-1.10, and 2 um's from hellforge before 1.10 too.


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Sur from Hell Shenk minion (1.10)
Vex from Hell Bovine (1.09)
Gul from Hell Countess minion (1.10)
Ist from Hell Countess (1.10)
various um/mal/puls from Hell Countess/random bad guys in 1.10

oh, and I've cubed up to an Ohm using the various other runes I've found.


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Well, I'm not that lucky with runes .. I've found a zod from pindle, about a year ago, a pul from the countess about a week ago, I've found a couple of Io's couple of shael's ... oh .. I've also found a number of el's .. I hear they're pretty rare..:)


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Ist in some chest from the Tamoe Highland's

Highest I got from multiple Countess runs is Dol.
I hate seeing Els and Eths fall from her in Hell.