Best Rare you've found?


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Best Rare you've found?

I was doing some blood raven runs today when lo and behold a rare ring pops out. Thinking it to be just another crappy rare (I seem to be finding lots of them) I id it and sell it to Akara without looking. Thank God I decided to take a second look. This is what I saw

Beast Circle
52 to attack rating
5% mana leech
6% life leech
4 to energy
29% cold resist
28% fire resist

Post your good rare finds here


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An assassin coronet that had +1 to asn skills, 23 to all resists, 17 to strength and 1-115 lightning damage.


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Best ring I've found on ladder had 10% faster cast, 6% mana leech, 8% life leech, +4 energy, and some cold resist. ALso found a rare amulet that had +1 Necro skills, 10% faster cast, +16 strength, and prismatic. Too bad it was only +1 necro skills!


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Druid Tiara: +2 to all druid skills, +34 to life, +30% faster run/walk, +20 to all resistances, 10% chance to cast lvl 3 charged bolt when struck.


388% ED, -20% req, +1 baba, Long Sword... Became 372 damage Cryptic Sword... However it was not worth anything so I dropped it in a normal public game act 1.


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just recently:

diadem: 2 ama, 40 lres, 11 str, 8ll, 57life :)
still not good enough compared gaze... i guess...but looks alot better

in 1.09 (when tc90 was something special: rare corona with 3*dur, still unid)


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In .09,

Rare Zombie head with +2 p/b, +3 BS, +1 lower resist, 30/20 deflecting mod, minor resists. LvL 30 req.

Got offered 100 runes for it on another forum, but didn't trade. :D


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Rare hydra edge with 408 ed. 142-346 dmg. Too bad the other mods sucked. Otherwise I would be using it on my pala instead of Heaven's light.


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Raven Slayer
flying axe
70-320 throw dmg
80-315 one hand dmg
372% ed
+9 max dmg
+191 AR


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Besides that rare Storm Shield Buckler... found a glaive with 408ed and a few misc mods including replenish quantity :). Unfortunetaly after upgrading it had a Slow attack speed however I was able to get a Shako for it so all was not lost.


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found a few days ago in norm not bad, +1 all barb skills +25 all resis and some other ammy. Not the greatest but a good norm find ;D.


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+1 Sorc Skill
+29 Str
+14 Resist All
+44 Lightning

+2 Sorc Skills
+20 Dex
8% LL
+7 To all Resist
39 to Cold Resist

Cornonet (lost since I played HC on my char next game)
+2 Assasin Skills
+20 to Strength
+15 to All resist
+42 to Poision Resist


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Doom Band Ring
Lvl 65 req.
+47 attack rating
3% mana steal
7% life steal
10 dex
10% cold/fire/poison resist
21% light resist



not sure if I will build a Mace Barb for this or not, but for now it's sitting on a mule

Eth Thunder Maul
230-698 dmg
Cold Dmg 10-30
(somthing else, +life I think)
Repairs durability (1 in 30)


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Here's mine which I just found on a pit run.

Storm Song mithril point
level 52 req
165 dur (would been a unique, unfortunately or maybe not)
145 to 247 damage(at level 79)
40 ias
5% chain lightning (most useless mod, can't win them all)
294% ed
to max damage/to ar(fools's mood)
hit causes monsters to flee 50% (really under appreciated mod)
Some lightning resist (stupid prefix)

This is the sickest weapon i've ever seen with 2 great prefixes and 2 suffixes, too bad it's the slowest dagger.
The high durability is great for the rune repairing recipe, tho.


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My favorite is an ammy I found pre xpack and I still use on a mf character

lvl 22 req
+1 zon skills
+18 strength
+40% mf


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skihard said:
not sure if I will build a Mace Barb for this or not, but for now it's sitting on a mule

Eth Thunder Maul
230-698 dmg
Cold Dmg 10-30
(somthing else, +life I think)
Repairs durability (1 in 30)
Holy crap! LOL

double d

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Think i have a 170ed/ar+max per lvl thingie/40 ias/2 sock/misc mod kris, which can be upgraded to fanged knife for good druid 4 framer, not sure about the 2 sock tho :/.

And 326ed/40ias/some more crap cestus or hatchet hands, don't remember exactly.

Double D